6 Flooring trends and features from Expo Revestir 2017

by Madelein
6 Flooring trends and features from Expo Revestir 2017

Expo Revestir was held in March this year at the Transamérica Expo Center in São Paulo. Media in Africa was once again included among the 68 000 attendants. Over 240 exhibitors were at the event, showcasing the latest products across 40 000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors from Greece, Italy, Ireland, France, Argentina, the United States, the Czech Republic, Chile, Spain and Belgium were all there to display everything from ornamental stones and mosaics to laminates, cement, wood and other materials. We are excited to be able to bring you some of the most notable flooring trends from this year’s event.

1. Speckled stone, rust lookalikes, bricks and porcelain that looks like fabric

Some of the highly intriguing looks at the event included concrete flooring that had a speckled stone appearance. This industrial chic look is being showcased in everything from white and grey speckles to glitzier black and metal tones. Other trends included rustic looks, lots of different coloured bricks and tiles that look like fabrics such as carpets, wool, linen, lace and tweeds.

Speckled cement flooring gives interiors an industrial chic look.

Portobello featured 34 different coloured bricks at their stand.

These effects are also mixed and matched to create striking retro looks. Wood or glass tiles, for example, are being combined with tiles that look like linen and tweed; and puffed mosaics are being combined with marble and outlandish graphics. These unique configurations and patterns on a single tile create beautiful and interesting effects.

Raised and bevelled wood tiles were a unique feature at the expo.

Oca Brasil launched its Concreta collection of products at the Expo Revestir.

Oca Brasil’s range, called Concreta, was inspired by the constructivist movement. The coverings are designed to allow countless creative possibilities by mixing and matching colours and layouts. More than 27 patterns have been created using just three squares, two triangles and one parallelogram.

2. Combining different types of wood on a single tile

In the past, using different types of wood and different shades of the same type of wood on a single tile would have been unheard of, but this is one of the latest flooring trends in the industry. Parquet flooring is also making a huge comeback and we predict this trend will continue for some time to come.

Besides combining different types of wood on a single tile, we also saw weathered looks on tiles, which creates a nostalgic effect as if the installation has been around for decades.

Parquet designs are popular in both residential and commercial settings.

3. Pattern repeat and out-of-the-ordinary sizes are a big trend
Virtually any type of flooring can look as natural as possible thanks to the strong emphasis that manufacturers are now placing on pattern repeat. Instead of printing only a small number of tiles with the same grain patterns, a larger number of tiles are printed so that the floor looks more seamless than ever before. Manufacturers are also focusing on producing flooring products in sizes that wouldn’t typically be considered ‘standard’ plank sizes.

4. Playful, coloured grass
Another interesting trend was the number of exhibitors showcasing artificial grass in bright colours. Everything from pink and orange to blue and yellow grass can now be specified for indoor and outdoor flooring areas.

The artificial grass from Erbus is water permeable and UV resistant. The grass is used for landscaping, pool edges, recreation and leisure areas, building ceilings, building facades, play areas and offices. Erbus, Interfloor and Kapazi were some of the manufacturers displaying colourful grass installations at Expo Revestir.

5. Outdoor flooring solutions that don’t absorb heat

Senhor das Pedras showcased its Athermal Line of floors and coatings that are ideal for outdoor environments and pools. The Athermic floor tiles don’t absorb heat, thereby ensuring comfort regardless of the temperature. The brand produces a wide variety of cement floors and coatings with antiskid textures as well as unique edges to meet custom designed pool floors.

6. Disguised materials

Thanks to advances in the technology, virtually any type of material can be created to look like something else. Painted cement that looks like tiles and tiles that look like wood and even wood that has been cut to look like mosaics were all seen at Expo Revestir this year.

The interesting wood-like stairs on display at Portobello’s stand are made from laminate flooring.

We were pleased to see that vinyl flooring was also exhibited at the event.

Earthwerks’ vinyl flooring in blue, cranberry, ice grey and other colours were also on display at Revestir.

Eucatex launched its new vinyl flooring line at Expo Revestir. The vinyl flooring products were created in partnership with a Japanese company and they are 100% recycled and recyclable.

Tarkett’s rich palette of colours, designs and formats enable designers to choose between gentle hues, striking metallic shades and more.

Marlene van Rooyen, Editor at FLOORS in Africa Magazine’s sister publication, WALLS & ROOFS in Africa, says that the print quality has approved tremendously over the past 12 months.

“Interesting tiles that we saw included a photo series printed on marble tiles, for example, and I thought the authenticity, quality, texture and depth were all striking. The 3D printing is very detailed, which literally makes any type of design or graphic possible,” commented Marlene.

FLOORS in Africa looks forward to seeing how local designers will be incorporating these trends into their projects this year!

For more information on trends & innovation visit www.buildinganddecor.co.za.

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