5 tips to curb office noise

by Tania Wannenburg

Aluglass Bautech’s top 5 tips to reduce noise in office environments.

The modern office is a noise factory, where sound waves moves and bounces off surfaces, and voices, phones, printers and moving furniture can generate a whirlwind of sound. Here are five tips from Aluglass Bautech on how to get the noise down and harmony back up…

Tip 1: Add soft surfaces
While surfaces absorb some sound energy, the material in this regard matters greatly, since metal or concrete is less effective when compared to wood or a padded surface.

Solution: Absorption Panels
With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ranging from 0.5 to 0.85, the Fabricmate absorption panel system reduces unwanted reflections and echoes, in addition, its track system can custom fit any space from screen wall to back wall and contour to any architectural detail.
Options range from screen fabrics to laser cut wood veneer to suit any décor and design.

Tip 2: Don’t forget the ceilings
Ceilings bounce a lot of sound back into a room, particularly if they are made of concrete, while fake ceilings can even aid sound to travel between rooms, using the hollow space above our heads.

Solution: Absorption Panels
To soundproof a ceiling, Fabricmate, slotted wooden veneer and or screen fabric absorption panels, can be installed as a horizontal fix rather than a vertical fix as seen on walls. Safety and lighting fixtures can be integrated and made provision for.

Tip 3: Get better doors
Closing a door on a loud room may seem effective, but doors are actually pretty lousy noise reducers, especially when made from plywood over a hollow frame. The gap at the bottom is also really just a sound highway with no restrictions.

Solution: Varikust
Varikust acoustic doors from Aluglass Bautech are multi-rebated doors with an internal handle activated sealing mechanism between the bottom of the door leaf and the threshold. They also come in a wide range of materials and finishes, such as wood and glass.

Tip 4: Partition the space
In large, noisy open offices, acoustic partitions can be used to create and remove walls as needed, while providing the sound treatment required.

Options: Variflex, Moveo, GF Serene
Aluglass Bautech’s Variflex mobile acoustic partitions boast acoustic ratings from 40db to 52db Rw and at the same time, also look great, making as much of a style statement equally reducing sound. With only an overhead track, the floor is uninterrupted and the elements can be parked neatly in a niche or to one side.

Moveo motorised sound-insulation partitioning systems make it even easier to modify room spaces with flexibility and speed. They boast sound insulation ratings up to 55db Rw and have both opaque and transparent options.

When looking to keep the open space open, the use of either fixed or mobile acoustic glass partitions have proven to be great options for creating that quiet space. GF Serene acoustic glass is quick and easy to install, remove and re-install with modular glass elements and flexible frame components.

Tip 5:
When shopping for ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS the Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) is necessary as a good measure to compare them by.
(Rw is a number used to rate the effectiveness of a soundproofing system or material. Increasing the Rw by one translates to a reduction of approximately 1db in noise level. Therefore, the higher the Rw number, the better a sound insulator it will be.)

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