5 tips for safe construction sites

by Darren
5 tips for safe construction sites BUILDERS

Accidents on construction sites can be prevented. In this article builders give some tips on the best practices.

“It was an accident.” These words are easy to say, and they often make employees feel better after a safety incident has happened on their watch. But the fact of the matter is that almost all accidents are avoidable and most injuries that happen on construction sites can be prevented by good common sense.

It is true that construction sites can be dangerous places. But if the right precautions are taken and, very importantly, the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn, the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities can be greatly reduced.

According to Builders, the importance of PPE in the workplace is often underestimated with work-related injuries costing the South African economy billions each year. The notion that prevention is better that cure, rings true with PPE, as it is of little help after the event.

Committed to making building sites across South Africa safer, the company gives these five tips:

1.    Run a tight ship
A well-organised construction site is a safer construction site. If every worker knows his/her role and no shortcuts are taken, there will be fewer accidents.

2.    Daily safety briefings
These will ensure that all workers, including subcontractors, are on the same page. Mention changes to the job site, as well as what machinery will be used where.

3.    Reflective clothing
It may be a bit “Village people”, but high-visibility apparel and reflective vests greatly reduce the chances of workers getting hit by vehicles and other machinery.

4.    Regular breaks
Make sure all workers take regular breaks to reduce the chances of accidents due to exhaustion.

5.    PPE
Everyone on the job site must wear the proper safety gear, including hard hats and eye protection. Likewise, harnesses should be used for all workers working on rooftops and scaffolding.

In support of its quest for safer construction sites, Builders has been actively and aggressively expanding its PPE offering.

“We are aiming to be one of the leading suppliers of PPE in South Africa,” states Sean Lambert, Builders’ national manufacturing manager. “What sets Builders apart from most other suppliers is that we are able to sell a large range of PPE to walk-in customers – there is no need to phone ahead, place an order or wait for stock to arrive. If you need a few pairs of chemical-resistant gloves, a specialist welding mask or reflective vests, you can be rest assured that your nearest Builders will have stock.

“We can’t stress enough that PPE is the last line of defence and that every possible step should be taken to avoid accidents in the first place. In many cases these injuries are easily avoidable by investing in trusted high-quality equipment available from your nearest Builders store.”

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