5 Reasons why quartz flooring is here to stay

by Ofentse Sefolo
5 Reasons why quartz flooring is here to stay

Over the past five years, the desirability of clean-looking seamless stone flooring has risen substantially.

According to Seamless Flooring Systems, owner of the world leading Quartz Carpet brand, the natural seamless stone flooring market in South Africa has risen by 14%. With local architects and designers highly conscious of functionality, aesthetics, environmental legislation and hygienic surfaces, the Quartz Carpet brand has risen tremendously in popularity.

Here are five reasons contributing to the popularity of Quartz Carpet:
1. Hard, durable flooring
The quartz stone used in Quartz Carpet is:
• Washed, fire-dried, has a residual moisture content of less than 0,2% and is 99% silicone dioxide.
• Extremely hard, measuring 7 – 8 on the MOH (Measure of Hardness) scale – a diamond measures 10 – and it is impact- and abrasion-resistant.
• Complies with the relevant and stringent ISO and EU regulations.
• Has a 10+ year lifespan.

2. Unlimited aesthetics
The flooring is not only 100% seamless, it is also available in unlimited colour combinations. Customised logos are also possible, giving designers more flexibility when offering unique solutions to their clients. The floor is also easy to maintain, clean and underfloor heating compliant. The floor is installed both internally and externally and flows beautifully and seamlessly from internal spaces to outdoor entertainment areas.

3. Hygienic solutions
Now more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are at the top of everyone’s minds. The hard non-porous characteristics of Quartz Carpet, and its zero VOC materials, exhibit little or no gassing during the lifespan of the cured floor. This discourages bacterial growth, mould and decay by not allowing moisture to accumulate – and a mould-free environment leads to better air quality.

4. Easy maintenance
The floor doesn’t require chemicals or waxes. Simply clean with neutral PH cleaners and warm water for proper maintenance. Bi-annual or more frequent wet-to-dry vacuum cleaning and extraction is recommended. The minimal maintenance requirement results in a floor that is easy on the environment, as well as being cost-effective and low maintenance.

5. Professional, reliable installations
Quartz Carpet was started 40 years ago, and its flooring system is now available in over 60 countries and on five continents. With 150 trained and licensed installers across all of South Africa’s provinces – including Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands – clients can rest assured that their seamless flooring installation will go smoothly.

Quartz Carpet is committed to the continued exploration and revision of procedures, systems and working practices in order to reduce pollution and environmental impact, while still ensuring the highest product quality.

For more information, contact Seamless Flooring Systems:
Tel: 086 178 2789
Website: www.quartzcarpet.co.za

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