5 Quantity Surveying trends that you need to know

by Ofentse Sefolo
5 Quantity Surveying trends that you need to know

Here’s how quantity surveyors can prepare themselves for 2017.There is a greater need than ever for quantity surveying, but there are a few key trends that quantity surveyors should be aware of. Larry Feinberg, Director at the Association for South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS), sheds some light on what can be expected and how quantity surveyors can prepare themselves for 2017:

Clients want results
Quantity surveyors are moving into a more advisory role and they need to start promoting the results that they produce, not just their technical capabilities. Clients want to do more with less and quantity surveyors can help them achieve this goal. In 2017, they should work harder to build awareness of the value they add to a project.

Boot up that tech
Quantity surveyors need to make the most of the various software packages that are currently available. New technology will continue to enter the market and they will be able to make their businesses more efficient by using digital tools to automate repetitive tasks.

“However, technology is only a tool and cannot replace sound business advice, solve problems or suggest alternatives,” Larry cautions.

Green is cheaper than ever before
In 2017, quantity surveyors should take the initiative and recommend sustainable building practices and materials. In the past, green buildings were assumed to cost nearly 60% more than traditional ones. However, a recent study by ASAQS, the Green Building Council of South Africa and the University of Pretoria, using data from 54 green star certified office buildings around the country, shows that increased costs actually average around 5% and may drop as low as 1.1%.

Legislation changes
The Construction Sector Charter Council has revised construction sector codes in order to bring the industry in line with the black economic empowerment and transformation targets set by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Larry advises quantity surveyors to familiarise themselves with the codes to ensure they are prepared, even though the codes are still open for comment.

#FeesMustFall ramifications
The industry has yet to see how the #FeesMustFall movement will impact quantity surveying, but people are predicting that 2017 may suffer a skills gap due to a lack of graduates.

“One must remember that the construction industry is a cornerstone of the South African economy. The government is well aware of the talent required to keep it strong and there’s a huge drive to develop skills in all fields. So the expectation is that there will be sufficient expertise in 2017,” says Larry.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.asaqs.co.za for the information contained in this article.

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