5 key benefits of new generation cleaning equipment in healthcare

by Ofentse Sefolo
5 key benefits of new generation cleaning equipment in healthcare

Dust and germs represent a serious threat to patients, which is why cleaning is a priority for healthcare facilities. Not only does expensive, inefficient cleaning machinery drain a healthcare facility’s budget, poor cleaning regimens can spread disease, demotivate staff, reduce patient confidence and damage institutional reputations.

General Manager for Nilfisk South Africa, Gavin Herold, lists five key areas where the new innovative generation of automatic scrubbers, burnishers, vacuums and carpet extractors can make a big difference in healthcare.

1. Acoustic benefits
Cleaning equipment needs to be used while patients and staff are in a healthcare facility. The recent developments in noise suppression are a significant improvement. The Nilfisk SC1500, which is a new generation scrubber, has a ‘quiet mode’ that can be used when cleaning sound-sensitive areas. The noise levels on this mode are comparable to a dishwashing machine, making it easy to clean areas while causing minimal disruption.

2. Green benefits
New generation scrubbers either radically reduce the amount of detergent needed or replace detergents completely with water. Health issues such as respiratory problems are associated with air contaminants, which is one of the reasons why high-efficiency cleaning equipment is needed. The latest technology cleaners have air filters on the vacuums that reduce exposure to volatile organic compounds and fragrances.

3. Flexible cleaning solutions
Traditionally, hard-floor care equipment has revolved around traditional disc floor machines and scrubbers, but equipment manufacturers are now offering a significantly more diverse range of options. The new generation of equipment allows greater access to divergent spaces and is more compact with stand-on, walk-behind and rider models. Small, battery-operated micro-scrubbers can be used in nurse stations and other tight areas that could only be mopped by hand in the past.

4. Monetary benefits
Significant reductions in electricity, water and disposables can be made. The new generation scrubbers, paired with a squeegee design, leave floors dry in a single pass and reduces water consumption markedly, which is particularly beneficial in light of recent water shortages around the country, especially in the Western Cape.

5. Productivity benefits
The new technologies produce a quick return on investment because they are able to get the job done quicker, better and more reliably. Single machines for different spaces, one-pass efficiency and faster carpet drying (30 mins or less) are just some of the ways productivity can be improved substantially. There’s also the upside of increased safety through the reduced risk of chemical fumes, slippery floors and accidents. Floors are made cleaner and safer, using fewer chemicals and detergents.

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