5½ reasons why you should use wall protection

by Ofentse Sefolo
5½ reasons why you should use wall protection

Wall protection is fast becoming an important component to consider when designing a building. With today’s ever-growing population, fast-paced world and rushed lifestyle, resilience and sustainability of buildings and spaces are essential. These demands, coupled with a need to reduce maintenance and running costs, mean that building and wall protection has much to offer the building owner and maintenance team.

As soon as any building is occupied and becomes a functional space, wear and tear begins. Damage ranging from scuffs and scrapes to chips, cracks and severe breaks or indentations, starts to occur throughout, including walls, corners and doors. Careful consideration of interior building protection, particularly in high traffic zones, can be an important long-term cost saver.

1. Damage limitation
Damage repair can be unsightly and costly, and prevention is always better than cure. Having the correct system in place prevents damage to the areas that are most likely to be affected. Interior building protection solutions can prevent damage and ensure protection of these affected areas.

2. Good hygiene
Good-quality interior building protection solutions ensure a high level of hygiene. Hygiene is important across industries including retail, hospitality, commercial and healthcare. Specialised wall protection cladding provides a smooth, seamless, easy-to-clean surface which is not affected by cleaning chemicals. The seamless finish minimises the ability of microbes to accumulate and grow in joins and gaps, whilst the wall protection creates an impermeable barrier to moisture, bacteria and inert materials, which further minimises the growth of bacteria.

3. Reduction in maintenance costs
The capital outlay for a wall-protection system is substantially less over the lifecycle of the product than the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Corner protection – There is product available in an array of colours, patterns and textures allowing bespoke design which can alter the look and feel of a space.

4. Aesthetic and design enhancement
While keeping your building looking neat and well maintained, a carefully planned protection system can be used as a feature and contribute to the overall design (and is sometime implemented purely for aesthetic and design value). There are products available in an array of colours, patterns and textures, allowing bespoke design which can alter the look and feel of a space.

5. Improved traffic flow
Using specifically coloured protection systems can assist to find a user’s way around a building or can highlight individual areas in a larger space. Colour systems are also useful in healthcare, education and retail sectors. Light reflective value (LRV) ratings should be taken into consideration when planning the colour palette. Use of these LRV ratings allows the creation of visual contrast to assist safe navigation of spaces.

½. Cost efficiency of fitting wall and door protection retrospectively
Occupy a building for twelve months and it quickly becomes obvious where wall and door protection is required or not.

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