4 principles for improving Customer Experience Management

by Ofentse Sefolo
4 principles for improving Customer Experience Management

Chartered marketer and master at Persuasion Science, Ian Rheeder, spoke at the South African Council of Shopping Centres’ (SACSC) Gauteng Chapter Breakfast on 22 February 2018. During his presentation, Ian discussed the latest thinking behind service marketing, which is said to put you and your business a “decade ahead of the pack”.

“Customer Experience Management is about top management mapping out the experience before shopping even begins. By understanding neuroscience – or how the brain absorbs experiences through our senses – managers and leaders will have a competitive advantage over those who do not understand the inner landscape of the brain,” said Ian.

Customer experience management (CEM) is the collection of processes a company uses to track, oversee and organise every interaction between a customer and the organisation throughout the customer lifecycle.

Companies should focus on the following four principles to improve CEM:
1. Purposeful leadership that promotes a compelling and clear vision of the company
2. Ensuring that employees understand your company’s brand values as this drives how your customers are treated.
3. Encouraging engaged employees because staff who care about the company will care about your customers. A company that hires employees who align with its mission and objectives will provide better customer experiences.
4. Promoting customer connectedness. Feedback from your customers should be a key part of the decision-making process across the organisation.

For more information, contact SACSC on +27 (10) 003 0228or via www.sacsc.co.za.

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