4 health reasons to install carpets

by Ofentse Sefolo
4 health reasons to install carpets

Carpets have been successfully installed in a number of commercial facilities, including healthcare establishments, across the globe. These are the top four reasons for clients to opt for carpet:

1. Controlling allergens
Research has shown that well-maintained carpet is better at controlling allergens and better at reducing symptoms than other flooring alternatives. A 15-year Swedish study found no link between carpet usage and incidence of allergy or asthma. Instead, when carpet usage in Sweden was decreased by 70%, allergic reactions in the general population increased by 30%.

Also, an 18-nation study of nearly 20 000 people found a statistical relationship between carpeted bedrooms and reduced asthma symptoms and bronchial responsiveness.

2. Healthy environments
With superb dust-trapping properties, carpets create a healthy, living environment. Dust settles quickly and is held in the fibres until vacuumed. This reduces the dust content of indoor air and prevents dust particles from carrying germs, allergens and other air contaminants. In this way, a carpet acts as a filter, trapping allergens away from the breathing zone until they can be removed through a proper deep cleaning extraction.

3. Natural insulators
One of the general benefits of carpets is considerable energy savings thanks to their thermal properties. Carpets are also the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitters of common flooring choices and require fewer cleaning chemicals than other floorcoverings. In addition, they have the lowest chemical emissions compared with other common building products. All this means that no irritation or discomfort is expected from the use of any Van Dyck Floors’ carpets.

4. Comfort
Carpets are natural insulators that keep a room warmer on cold days and because they are softer than other flooring options, they are tender on the feet.

Combining the magic of carpets with the power of silver
Besides the abovementioned advantages, carpets also offer acoustic benefits and improved air quality. Van Dyck Floors tufted carpets have been treated with SILVERPLUS*, an anti-microbial treatment that uses silver, making them ideal for healthcare environments.

Silver has been used to successfully protect against bacterial attack for centuries. In the past, silver coins were placed in earthen vessels to preserve milk. Today, the inside of refrigerators has silver-containing coatings to meet hygienic requirements. Through silver, enamels and ceramics obtain an antimicrobial function too. In the food sector, silver is used as an additive, e.g. in the coating of sweets or decorating chocolates. In medicine, silver found usage a long time ago as a therapeutic agent in wound-care or on medico-technical plastics.

Silver is usually used as either a fine silver wire or vacuum-metallised on the fibre. The new, more efficient method that Van Dyck Floors uses incorporates SILVERPLUS as a finishing agent for fibres. The antimicrobial hygienic finish based on silver prevents the uninhibited multiplication of bacteria.

Microorganisms require certain prerequisites to exist, such as food, temperature, moisture and a large surface area. This finishing agent causes the removal of these micro-organisms, prevents them from colonising, thus provides improved hygiene and freshness.

Acknowledgement and thanks are given to www.carpet-rug.org for information contained in this article.

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*SILVERPLUS is a registered trademark.

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