The world of 3D modelling is one of the fastest growing and most advanced fields, literally changing the architectural landscape overnight.

Being able to see designs in 3D, explore flythroughs, examine elevations from different aspects and instantly seeing the results of any modifications or enhancements are just some of the reasons why 3D visual technology is an increasingly critical and highly beneficial aspect of all kinds of construction projects.

1. Visualising the project.
2. Streamlining of the creative process.
3. Ease of modifications and enhancements
4. Instantaneous visual sharing across territories and resources.
5. Reduces errors and limits the need for fulltime on-site interaction

Shared vision and context

Using the right software and design expertise can help all players, from investors, clients, builders and occupants, quite literally to see plans take shape, and to gain a good understanding of what the finished project will look like.

It also helps them to understand the context of the development and for everyone to see how it might fit with the local environment, whether it’s a brownfield site, a rural location, or a business park or industrial complex, all this while speeding up the process of collaboration and cocreation.

It’s not just about static visualisation. 3D modelling and BIM bring virtual walk-throughs really do bring projects to life, while allowing all key role players to interact around the same model, reducing the need for time consuming reverts and client meetings.

MiTek 3D as an enabler

MiTek’s easily accessible 3D model of engineered designs do just that. They enable:
• Greater interaction between the manufacturer, builder, roof erector and end client.
• Increase value and role of collaboration on the overall design.
• Easy identification and resolution of potential issues.
• Enhance the overall understanding of the project.

Award winning

Roof truss, Posi-Joist (metal web floor joist), Ultra-Span light gauge steel and timber frame designers using MiTek’s Pamir design software all have access to brilliant 3D visualisation tools enabled by Pamir, which also helps them to create accurate and cost-effective designs.

This link shows how simple it is for a designer using MiTek design software to create and share the 3D model:

“The models are extremely simple to share and can then be viewed anywhere, for free, on any device and we’re very proud that our MiTek 3D tool has been shortlisted for the 2021 Constructing Excellence Digital Construction Award in the UK, comments Hennie Viljoen, Marketing Manager for Mitek, EMEA.

For more information, contact Mitek on +27 11 237 8700 or visit:

For an example of a MiTek 3D model please click here

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