360 Degrees Excellence in Flooring – Thanks to innovative products & teams

by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex 360_Award

Belgotex Floorcoverings won the award for 360 Degrees Excellence in Flooring at the 2013 Flooring Awards. This award was reserved for the company who proved to exercise 360° of excellence in flooring across all key function areas in business.

Award criteria included product offering, marketing campaigns over the last 24 months, effectiveness of the management team, the way in which operations are run, relevant certifications, BEE status, community involvement, awards won and a motivation why the company uniquely qualifies to win this award.

Innovative product launches

One of the most innovative product launches was the company’s SilverCare treatment. The treatment is a long-lasting protection system, based on silver ions that penetrate deeply and envelop carpet fibres with a protective coat that lasts the lifetime of your carpet. The system acts at the heart of the carpet fibres, permanently inhibiting bacteria, reducing odours in the carpet and eliminating dust mites by destroying their food source. Tests by a recognised Swiss laboratory have proven the effectiveness of SilverCare. It is safe, natural and non-toxic – in fact the molecules used in SilverCare are even used in the cosmetic and body care industry.

This technology is the first of its kind in South Africa and the company was the first to introduce it in the South African carpet industry. Belgotex launched a number of innovative marketing campaigns for the product. The goal of the campaigns was to address concerns and misperceptions surrounding carpeting’s hygiene and cleanliness, which is seen as one of the main contributing factors in the carpeting industry’s declining market share.

Belgotex created a television commercial in order to educate the market about the SilverCare product and brand. The commercial aired in July and August 2012 across various DSTV channels. The pay-off line of the commercial was “Not a care in the world”, which reinforced the peace of mind that carpets treated with SilverCare would provide.

Strategic management

The company’s management and ownership teams have established international business alliances that have helped them create and maintain their competitive edge. Belgotex describes its teams as future-focused and market-driven, which helps them stay abreast of the latest products, manufacturing techniques, machinery and international trends and fashions.

Belgotex’s readiness to invest in capital expenditure for machinery or acquisitions, together with high-profile sales and marketing campaigns, enables them to create a demand-driven “pull” strategy rather than a production-driven “push” strategy. Face-to-face interaction with industry professionals, clients and colleagues ensures that the company always has its finger on the South African pulse and is thus able to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. The company is looking forward to another year, filled with innovative products, sustainable production practices and ongoing international collaboration.

For further information:  033 897 7500 / belgotex@carpet.co.za / www.belgotex.co.za

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