3 factors to define the total floor performance in healthcare facilities

by Ofentse Sefolo
3 factors to define the total floor performance in healthcare facilities

Flooring solutions need to respond to numerous demands in the healthcare sector. Besides health and hygiene, flooring also has to offer a range of technical features and create an environment that facilitates easy and comfortable healing among patients while reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Flooring isn’t simply a surface covering – it has the ability to improve the hospital experience for both patients and staff. It is a functional element of good interior design and can affect people in many ways, contributing to patient recovery and hospital staff efficiency.

Flooring in healthcare sectors must be able to withstand constant foot and trolley traffic, remain hygienic and stay visually pleasing to create a comfortable environment for staff, patients and visitors. Three key factors define total floor performance: durability, functionality and maintenance.

The iQ Granit range, manufactured by Tarkett and now available from FloorworX, combines high quality raw materials and advanced surface treatments to ensure the highest level of durability. It also has excellent surface resistance properties thanks to its heavy-duty wear layers, thereby ensuring the floor retains its appearance throughout its extended service life.

This flooring system is the smart choice for healthcare safety application due to its unique dry-buffing surface restoration technology, superior resistance to wear, tear and stains, combined with a sealed and smooth surface for optimal hygiene and technical performance for life. It is highly flexible and it offers extreme durability for entrances and public areas as well as abrasion and chemical resistance properties for areas where hygiene is paramount. There is also less risk of cracking thanks to the easy hospital floor to wall covering options.

Managing maintenance costs in hospitals
Maintenance is one area where hospitals can save money in their facility management endeavours. Durable and easy-to-clean flooring offers significant savings in terms of energy, labour and the quantity of water and cleaning agents required over the floor’s life cycle.

Hospital design is moving closer and closer to ‘hotel’ styling without abandoning technical and expert medical functions. Professionals in the built environment need to be aware that flooring manufacturers are investing in continuous development with the objective of creating products that can contribute to modern healthcare. While individual design elements may have an impact on healing, on a wider level, the complete environment can help to influence the behaviour, actions and interaction of patients, their families and staff. A well-designed interior can help to stimulate social interaction by encouraging visits from family and friends, and so become an important factor in patient recovery.

Tarkett’s experience in the healthcare sector is the result of a large number of successful installations in hospital and clinic buildings worldwide. This experience is brought to every new project, taking into account all the different aspects of flooring selection and installation to help you make the right choice.

iQ Granit has the ideal solution for every area within a hospital. Whether you are looking for a flooring option that offers performance and design benefits, want to create a calm, healing atmosphere or need a flooring solution that has been specifically developed for operating theatres, X-ray rooms, clean rooms and laboratories, you will find the perfect solution within the iQ Granit range from FloorworX.

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