3 decades of consistent roofing

by Darren
3 decades of consistent roofing CLOTAN STEEL

In the current volatile economic climate, consistency is a sought-after attribute – one that Clotan Steel has proved to be core to their business over its 33 years in the roofing industry.
Throughout its 33 years in the roofing business, Clotan Steel has established a reputation for conducting business based on Christian values, the ethos which is depicted in the company slogan “Ora et Labora” (pray and work).

The company stubbornly refuses to submit to big company syndrome and instead works hard to retain a family environment, with new business units being set up with entrepreneurship as a key objective.

“It is our philosophy of doing the basics right that ensures the company is well positioned to perform consistently – and in a business environment where innovation and instant gratification dictates the pace, consistency is a rare attribute,” says Corné Nel, sales and business development manager at Clotan Steel.

The power of consistency
Clotan Steel is the proud owner of the Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing system, a renowned and proven workhorse in its category. “It is exactly the product’s consistency that makes it well trusted amongst professionals,” Nel points out.

Craft-Lock can be roll-formed on site in single continuous lengths and can also be bull-nosed and spring-curved. The unique male/female interlocking mechanism remains revolutionary, even after almost three decades in the South African market, ensuring a leak-proof roof on slopes as low as 1˚.

“Ever-changing weather phenomena due to climate change has obliged products of the concealed fix generation to continuously adapt to changing demands, yet Craft-Lock was able to retain its original design and still guarantee professionals of a superior performance. It remains in a class of its own,” Nel explains.

Backed by hi-tech facilities
Clotan Steel operates from modern facilities in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, from where it services the entire country as well as the export market. The company also has a well-established African footprint with projects scattered throughout the continent.

With state-of-the-art slitting, cut-to-length, roofing and cold-formed roll formers, Clotan Steel produces custom-made flashings in lengths of up to 6m and with unprecedented accuracy. Inline punching and hard-stamping facilities on its cold-formed section roll former further allow contractors the luxury of quick distribution and a sorting section on site, which saves valuable time, effort and money.

“We invest all available resources to continue adding value to our customer base’s roofing experience,” says Nel.

It’s about customer experience
“Our technical team adds to the overall Clotan experience by doing onsite measurements, taking down cutting lists, providing advice and onsite support to professionals throughout the continent. Architects can therefore rest assured that their designs will be carried out by a team that guarantees the relevant experience and support.

“Clotan believes in building partnerships that last well beyond completion of a single project. We aim to consistently perform to our customers’ expectations. And in the current business environment – we can all do with a little consistency,” Nel concludes.

Clotan Steel
Tel: 016 986 8000
Website: corne@clotansteel.co.za

Caption: Clotan Steel operates from a modern premises based in Vanderbijlpark.

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