3 common access flooring failures

by Madelein
3 common access flooring failures

As a leading access flooring supplier and installer, Pentafloor is often called in to resolve and remedy access flooring installations that have gone wrong. Many times, the root of the problem can be traced to inferior products being used.

While it can be tempting to use cheaper, unknown products in order to save on initial costs, the ultimate price tag of an access floor that has to be remedied or redone outweighs the benefit. Some of the top three access flooring failures can be described as follows:

1. Zinc whiskers
Zinc whiskering occurs when certain electro-plated coatings are used. The zinc in the coating gradually forms particles that can become airborne and cause short circuits in equipment. A wealth of information is available online regarding this growing
phenomenon in the access flooring environment, especially where inferior products are used to save costs. Professionals must clearly specify an electro-coated (not to be confused with electro galvanized) finish to all
understructure system components. Pentafloor can offer an alternative coating to components in sensitive areas to eliminate this risk.

2. Collapsing floors
This is more prevalent in floating floors like woodcore solutions where the panels are free-lay on top of a grid without positive location between the panel and the understructure. When equipment is moved over the floor, the tiles could shift and fall from their support. This can result in a catastrophic sequence of events where people or equipment could literally fall through the floor.

3. Buckling panels
Panels of inferior construction quality will buckle under load. This will cause the panel to fail, resulting in failures similar to collapsing floors above.

When access flooring installations fail, nobody wins. Lengthy legal battles often happen with blaming between suppliers and contractors, and an unhappy client. All of this can be avoided by partnering with the professionals.

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