3 benefits of engineered hard wood floor products

by Madelein
3 benefits of engineered hard wood floor products

The trend towards genuine bespoke products is on the increase along with products with social conscience rather than replicas of the real thing. This global trend is finding its way to South Africa, to meet this demand, Azura Distributors and BKB Hevea Products Sdn. Bhd (BKB) have joined forces to provide BKB Parquet to the local market.

Key benefits to the BKB flooring range:

1. A kaleidoscope of decors and sizes
BKB’s core product range is the European style engineered hard wood floor products, which include everything from the popular French oaks to exotic woods. Architects and designers will enjoy the kaleidoscope of factory finished décors available while still having the flexibility of bespoke colouring and a variety of raw wood plank size derivatives.

2. Manufactured for stability and durability
All of Azura Distributors’ BKB South African range of pre-finished engineered oak floors are multilayer BONA Traffic, which ensures that the timber décor is protected from everyday use, and gives the end-users peace of mind that allows them to enjoy the comfort and warmth of their natural timber floor covering to its full extent.

Developers and flooring retail contractors can rest assured that the BKB engineered wood products are manufactured using leading methods of construction to ensure stability and durability of the installed floor.

3. Sourced from sustainable forestry
Thanks to BKB products being manufactured from sustainable ethical forestry resources, the homeowner can take solace in the fact that they have a bit of nature’s gift in their home without negatively impacting the environment.

“Azura Distributors’ South African range, namely the Vintage and Tomorrow Collection, offers décors to suite both classical and modern styles and the evolving trends that are quickly making their way to South Africa. Through our national footprint of sales offices and warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and now Durban, we are now able to meet this demand,” concludes Kevin Cordner.

For more information, contact Azura Distributors on +27 (10) 599 5999 or via www.azura.co.za.

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