2019 commercial office flooring trends

by Madelein
2019 commercial office flooring trends

The year 2019 has brought with it a variety of amazing commercial flooring trends, transforming offices for the better. The far-reaching, common theme of the vast majority of these trends is that of going bolder, louder and cosier in an attempt to see an improvement in employee wellness and productivity.

Contrasting textures

Pairing chunky, textured rugs and carpets with slick and shiny wooden and concrete or terrazzo floors is definitely the most notable trend of the year. The secret to pulling this one off lies in sticking with neutral coloured carpets – grey being the most popular hue of the moment – in an effort to further enhance the chunky texture of the fabric while bringing out the beauty of the wooden flooring.

Bold patterns

Flooring gets a personality injection in the form of heavy patterned vinyl tiles that stand out and complement the office space. Designers can further add to the patterns by selecting office furniture that matches the primary colours included in the tiling design.

“Visual and physical ergonomics are playing a significant role in every commercial sector, which is making us fall deeper in love with design,” says Daisy Diaz, a product designer who gleaned a lot from NeoCon 2019.

Many of the commercial flooring trends for 2019 boast a human-centric design approach, with the ultimate goal being to utilise floors in an effort to create more comfortable, beautiful environments that employees and clients can really appreciate.

“Textile and carpet colours spanned from original prime colours to a muted version of them were nicely complemented with clean multifunctional furniture, natural wood colours and LVT tiles/planks,” Daisy adds.

Technology-driven design

Countless companies from around the globe are investing in advanced flooring technology this year such as Relaxing Floors, which is essentially a modular system comprised of art, science and human-centred design based on fractal patterns. Scientific research demonstrates that these floors possess stress-reductive qualities – great news for businesses focused on adopting human-centric design for the benefit of their employees.


Studies show that the human eye is naturally drawn to organic shapes and natural lighting. In short, we have not been created to spend hours upon hours in front of a screen. This is the reason why companies that are geared towards enhancing employee wellness within the workplace are utilising organic forms whenever and however possible, whether through LVT tiles and textiles or furniture and interior décor, to create a more human-friendly environment, limit stress and maximise wellness.

The flooring manufacturing process in 2019 is also making an effort to enhance employee wellness by steering clear of “red list ingredients” which are said to have a negative effect on human health in general.

Private layouts

There is also a new change happening within office spaces around the globe – a shift from open plan layouts to newer set-ups that allow for improved privacy.

Layers and texture

Hard surfaces are still top priority within office interiors for 2019, hence the need for softer accents in the form of carpeting, rugs and inset rugs. These additions come with the extra advantage of alleviating acoustics in particularly noisy environments.

For local businesses looking to emulate these trends, it’s not too late. Most experts insist that these trends will continue into 2020 and beyond.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.floortrendsmag.com for some of the information included in this article.

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