2018/2019 interior design trends from carpet leaders

by Ofentse Sefolo
2018/2019 interior design trends from carpet leaders

Ashley Chevalier from Belgotex recently gave a presentation on the 2018/2019 interior design trends. Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Editor, and Roxanne Mancini, Sales & Marketing Manager of FLOORS in Africa magazine attended the event and were inspired by the exciting direction that décor and design are taking.

One of the big trends can be described as nostalgia with an earthy undertone. Ashley says that there is a return to mid-century modernism and the popular colours used in that decade are currently gaining traction in the industry.

“What we’re seeing is a mid-century style that is modernised with a contemporary twist. The colours include earthy, muted and dusty pastel tones and a lot of pink, rust and mint. The tones complement each other in a fascinating way,” said Ashley.

This trend can be seen in carpeting, where colour block and geometric patterns in these colours are creeping into rugs. Carpets are generally remaining neutral and monochromatic within the residential scheme, due to the currently conservative nature in the local residential market; with corporates opting for bolder colours with geometric patterns.

The smooth, speckled appearance of terrazzo is also making a comeback in a big way. The finish is being used in numerous formats, including flooring, décor items, lighting fixtures and artwork. The marble trend is continuing, using more variety than ever before, with flooring manufacturers finding ways to incorporate the specs of marble in new, interesting ways.

Unique, sparkly accents are being included through the addition of iridescent items within design schemes. However, only small amounts of sparkle are added so as not to overdo this bold, interesting touch.

The rise of sustainability plays into the “nostalgia with a modern twist” trend, with natural materials such as sustainable timbers, eco paints, eco-engineered woods, and stone being increasingly specified.

“Although the wood look’s popularity progressively increases and remains a firm design trend, there is also a lean towards alternative ‘lookalike’ products such as stone and marble by means of vinyl applications and printed flooring products. Not only do these flooring options help clients achieve their sustainability goals, they can also lead to cost savings,” explains Ashley.

Ashley also delved into flooring installation trends, where she highlighted the trend towards the delineation of areas within commercial spaces. As corporates move towards shared and collaborative working spaces, flooring is being used to divide different interior spaces and the functions thereof.

“Form is definitely following function in the corporate space. We are also seeing innovative and gradual transitions becoming more and more popular with flooring types changing from one area to another. Designers are using transitions and a variety of flooring materials to create interest and dynamism. The latest trends show that flooring plays a key role in influencing the way that new interior design trends take shape within projects,” concludes Ashley.

For more information, contact Belgotex on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotex.co.za.

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