20-storey Acsiopolis luxury development showcases new multipurpose coating product

by Ofentse Sefolo
20-storey Acsiopolis luxury development showcases new multipurpose coating product

The commercial construction industry is fiercely competitive. Quality products that enable both architect and designer to realise their vision are vital to project success. Contemporary design demands a flexible approach to creating multi-use spaces that permit “flow”. Aesthetics, weatherproofing and durability are all important considerations.

DURALiTe D50, a revolutionary new cement-based wall finishing from iTe products, delivers the exacting standards that the industry has come to expect. Developed for use on both interior and exterior walls, this unique skim coating will not swell or soften when wet. Correctly applied, it offers enduring peace of mind.


DURALiTe D50 is applied in two coats and is compatible with a wide range of existing surfaces. These can include previously painted surfaces, sand- and cement-plastered walls, and gypsum or cement fibre board. In the case of concrete surfaces, or walls that have been painted with enamel or epoxy paints, priming the wall with iTe SLURRY Keying Promoter will ensure successful application of the DURALiTe D50 skim coat.

This winning combination of flexibility and quality has led to DURALiTe D50 being chosen as the principal wall finishing product for some of Africa’s most prestigious modern developments. The latest example is the new 20-storey Acsiopolis development in Sandton, Gauteng. The required degree of smoothness on both exterior and interior walls was achieved by the use of DURALiTe D50 throughout.

iTe Products, a proudly South African company, has built its reputation on an enduring commitment to research and development. It can now add the Acsiopolis development to its long list of successful projects as continues to develop innovative products that leverage the undeniable properties of quality cement.

For more information on how iTe Products is pushing the boundaries of modern construction materials, contact:
Tel: +27 (0)11 864 4918
Email: sales@iteproducts.co.za
Website: www.iteproducts.co.za

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