Since 1998, the Starnet Design Awards have recognised dynamic relationships between Starnet Members and the Architecture and Design community by spotlighting the innovative use of flooring in commercial design. The 19th annual Starnet Design Awards was recently held in Carlsbad, California, and was one of the major highlights of Starnet’s spring meeting. FLOORS in Africa magazine is showcasing some of the most iconic and innovative winners at this year’s event:

NBC Sports 2016 Summer Olympic Studio in Rio de Janeiro

This project was the Grand Prize winner, the recipient of the Gold in Unique Installation Challenge, as well as the recipient of the Bronze award in the People’s Choice category. ReSource New Jersey took on this challenging project, which was made more difficult by a limited installation window in a location halfway around the world.

Design Awards Judge, Robert Varden, says the NBC Sports 2016 Summer Olympic Studio was off the charts in terms of design, installation and creative execution.

“Not only was the project completed halfway around the world under intense pressure, the amount of custom work, including hand cut angles and radial designs is impressive and daring,” said Robert.

Komar Brands Corporate Headquarters in Jersey City, NJ

The Gold in Environmental Achievement was awarded to Architectural Flooring Resource Inc. for their work on Komar Brands Corporate Headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey. The environmental story of the project revolves around the floorcovering, namely Kinetex Propel Tile by J+J. In addition to LEED contributions and Platinum NSF/ANSI 140 Certification, the product possesses a recycled content that is greater than 55% and is 100% closed loop recyclable.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton offices in Montreal, Canada

Starnet member Couvre-Planchers Labrosse Inc. was awarded the Gold in Corporate for their work on the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton offices in Montreal, Canada. Judge Sascha Wagner said that the important role that flooring plays, coupled with how well it integrates with the architectural elements, is a testament to the project’s design and execution.

“It is really impactful and makes a bold statement without being overwhelming. Plus, it’s part of a larger, integrated theme based around specific colour choices,” said Sascha.

Dayton Children’s South Campus Specialty Care Centre

The Gold in Healthcare and People’s Choice was awarded to Starnet member Axis Interior Systems Inc. for the company’s work at the Dayton Children’s South Campus Specialty Care Centre.

“The Dayton Children’s project stood out for many reasons. From multiple elements in one space to creative and inspiring colours and patterns, it is an ideal solution for a children’s medical centre,” said Judge Stephanie Crane.

Two new buildings at Bates College

The Gold in Education award went to the two new buildings at Bates College, which offer a blend of student amenities with a sophisticated residential design twist. The project was completed by Starnet member, Paul G. White Interior Solutions, and judges described it as a sophisticated project that is well integrated with the architecture and overall interior design.

T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada is home to America’s newest NHL franchise and it was the recipient of the Gold award in Hospitality/Public Space. The project by Starnet member, MasterCraft Floors was almost as ambitious as starting an ice hockey franchise in the middle of the desert.

Encore, Minneapolis, MN

The Gold in Mixed-Use Developments was awarded to CFS Interiors and Flooring for the company’s work on Encore, a new facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CFS produced a modern, contemporary aesthetic that was both high-end yet functional, approachable and comfortable.

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