15 years of roofing excellence – Pioneering light steel support systems

by Tania Wannenburg
15 years of roofing

Dezzo Roofing has been supplying roof support systems for local construction for almost 15 years.


Dezzo Roofing, a local lightweight steel manufacturer, has been supplying roof support systems for construction projects across South Africa for almost 15 years.

Having been established in 2000, Dezzo Roofing manufactures and supplies a range of lightweight steel sections that ultimately make up a lightweight steel roof support system. According to Vee Singh, the company’s national sales manager, the Dezzo Roofing system was born out of ideas gained from the Australian market in the late nineties, and essentially replaces all timber trusses and battens in the conventional roof support system.

“With our manufacturing facility based in Durban, we are able to deliver to any part of South Africa in kit form,” Singh says. “Our eight roll-forming machines, together with a fully equipped cut-to-length line and bending facility, are capable of profiling 500 tons of steel per month. This translates into roughly 90 000m² of roofing.”

Mount Moriah housing project
One of Dezzo Roofing’s key projects over their 15 years of existence has been the Mount Moriah housing development in Durban North over the period between June 2004 and September 2008.

According to Singh, the roof truss specification that was used by the client, Marulelo Roofing, comprised of double boxed top chord sections. Double Roman roof tiles with standard V-ridges were tied down with plastic storm clips and attached to the steel tilting batten.

“After extensive research and engineering, we replaced the double boxed chord sections with a single profiled top chord, thus reducing the overall weight of the structure,” says Singh. “We also introduced a turndown section at the truss overhang, allowing for gutter brackets or fascia boards to be fitted without the need for timber sprockets.”

With the formation of the South African Steel Framing Association (SASFA) in 2006 to regulate the light steel industry, truss centres were changed using standards adapted from the Canadian and Australian specifications, to local standards developed in conjunction with SASFA.

“Further engineering advances eliminated the need to use wall plates, allowing the Dezzo Roofing truss to be installed directly onto levelled blocks. The conventional plastic storm clip was replaced with a longer lasting patented galvanised spring clip,” Singh adds.

Advantages of Dezzo’s roofing system
All the components of the Dezzo Roofing system are manufactured from aluminium and zinc coated steel. “Testing done in Australia has shown that these last four to six times longer than the same galvanised material,” notes Singh.

The system can be used with concrete roof tiles, steel sheeting, pressed steel tiles or fibre cement sheeting. Battens and purlins are pre-cut to length to suit every roof, thereby reducing on-site cutting and waste, while trusses are manufactured by highly trained artisans and assembled in jigs in order to maintain consistency.

“We have gained extensive experience in the lightweight truss industry by being one of the pioneers in South Africa,” Singh states.

All designs are carried out by an independent structural engineering firm which is registered with the South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE) as well as SASFA. Dezzo Roofing currently utilises the services of Martin Upton Structural Technolgies, represented by Ian Upton, (Pr. Tech Eng) M.Dip Tech (TMSAICE), ensuring an enduring and long-lasting project.

Dezzo Roofing
Tel: 031 713 6571
Website: www.dezzoroofing.co.za

Mount Moriah Project
Client: Marulelo Roofing
Area: Durban
Project period: June 2004 to September 2008
Project quantity: 1 400 lightweight steel roof support systems

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