15 macro trends for 2015 and beyond

by Tania Wannenburg
Macro trends for 2015

Top design trends according to creative influencer, Dave Nemeth, and trend guru, Dion Chang.

We live in an age of innovation where disruptive technologies are affecting business practices and design across industries. Where are we going next? Here are some of the top trends that impact design, as picked out by top creative influencer, Dave Nemeth, and trend guru, Dion Chang.

1.    Dapper trend 2.0, where styling is all about the fine detail rather than the ornamentation, no longer classical.

Macro trends5

2.    2016 could be the year of the drone – are our buildings geared for this?

Macro trends2

3.    Using typography as a main design element.

Macro trends3

4.    Origami design.

Macro trends4

5.    Evolving trend: A refined spin on the industrial look.

6.    Biomimicry takes cues from nature. The Shanghai Museum of Natural History was inspired by the structure of biological cells.

7.    3D printing and the maker movement: Everyone is a designer, leading to mass customisation and solution-based innovation.

8.    The connected smart home.

9.    Old reinvented.

macro trends6

10.    Sustainable design and bringing nature into the space is a trend that will stay.

11.    We live in a hyper-visual era where augmented reality is becoming part of everyday life, business and retail.

12.    Colour-conscious: White on white, more copper and brass, and using brown and black together.
13.    Cross-platform collaboration is becoming ever more imperative to stay on trend.

14.    Mix and match: Adding eclecticism in the styling, where different elements combine as a whole.

15.    Design is really about user experience. There is no space for the mundane, people want supersized experiences.

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