15 ideas in 2015 – Housing

by Darren
15 ideas in 2015

15 trends for residential design in 2015.

15 ideas in 2015 – Housing

When it comes to residential design, the focus is to create comfortable living spaces for individuals or families, but it is also an opportunity to express creativity. While the client is boss, their preferences are often guided by the trends of today.

1.    Eco-friendly building materials
Sustainable design remains top of mind with the number of green building materials and product options increasing and becoming cheaper as the demand grows. These include materials such as cork, burned or salvaged wood, recycled paper and fabrics, non-VOC paints and more.

2.    Passive designs
With both financial and ecological benefits, there is a renewed focus on functional, practical design that allows ample daylight into the house and helps to maintain thermal comfort by angling the building optimally, insulating properly and adding shading devices where appropriate.

3.    Tech-smart home control
Technologies such as web-controlled security cameras, motion sensors and applications that allow residents to control lights, HVAC, door locks or appliances remotely from mobile devices are becoming ever more affordable.

4.    Mixing it up
It’s in with the old and in with the new – interiors are featuring a lot of contrasting styles this year, mixing bold colours and prints with neutral, subdued designs, as well as timeless classics paired with contemporary styles such as a rustic table with contemporary chairs.

5.    Open spaces
While open floor plans aren’t new, it is now a trend that almost became the norm. Open spaces are not only applied to interiors but also extend to outdoor living spaces, with different areas separated by glass windows and doors that blend these spaces together.

6.    Black window frames
A black trim around windows draws attention to the detail of paned windows as well as to the outside view – just as eyeliner and mascara enhance a woman’s eyes.

7.    Charging stations
Fitting the always-connected culture of today, the charging of electronic devices has become a routine task. Whether hidden in a drawer or out in the open as a permanent feature, charging stations are seen more and more, with large home offices becoming less important.

8.    Freestanding tubs
While this idea might be borrowed from the Victorian era, today’s freestanding tubs come in modern designs with edgier lines and may even feature in the bedroom. They also complement the trends of having single basins and the open wall niches.

9.    Cosy couches
Living rooms are becoming more geared towards relaxation with less formal sofas and more comfortable, big sectionals for stretching out horizontally after a long day or cuddling under a blanket.

10.    Wood-look finishes
Whether applied on floors, walls or as accessories, the wood-look is currently very popular, especially in the hue and texture of pale driftwood.

11.    Quartzite
A natural stone that is virtually indestructible, quartzite is edging ahead of granite and quartz. It closely resembles marble, but doesn’t stain as easily.

12.    Hexagons
The honeycomb shape is currently one of the most popular geometric shapes, seen on wall cladding, tiles, furniture and fabrics.

13.    Exterior living spaces
Decks, roof decks, outdoor kitchens, furnished dining areas, fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor showers adjacent to pools and jacuzzis are becoming even more common than before.  

14.    Biophilia
To get closer to nature, organic elements are brought into the home, including plants, natural materials such as rustic wood, aquariums and other nature themes.

15.    Landscapes
Today’s home owners want attractive landscapes that are eco-friendly and easy to maintain. They typically opt for native plants and those that are tolerant to drought. Vegetable gardens with water-efficient irrigation and rainwater or greywater harvesting systems are also prevalent.

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