Avoid flooring failures with the right product

by Madelein
Avoid flooring failures with the right product

Elastilon*, a Dutch import by FloorworX, has been successfully used for solid or engineered tongue-and-groove flooring in 27 countries around the world since the 1980s. It has been successfully implemented in South Africa for over 15 years.

The system ensures fully glued, free floating solid or engineered tongue-and-groove wooden floors, a method that allows the floor to move unrestricted with any climate change. It also makes the use of screws, nails, glue or clips completely unnecessary during the laying of solid as well as engineered wood floors. This self-adhesive underlay systems offers a permanent adhesive bond and is a quick and safe method for installing solid and engineered tongue & groove floors

The use of a double-sided Elastilon mat demonstrates the strength of the bond achieved to the back of the floor board. FloorworX, the official distributor of the product advises that solid or engineered tongue-and-groove flooring be installed using a single bonded Elastilon mat with no bond to the cement screed, which allows the floor to float, therefore allowing it to expand and contract freely.

FloorworX is the only company in South Africa to offer self-adhesive mats or an installation system that guarantees a 70 year permanent bond. In addition, the company offers a 5 year humidity failure guarantee with this product and system, which includes the following benefits:
• Good sound absorption properties
• Unlimited length of floor can be laid
• Floor can be laid up to 25m wide
• No T-strip required in doorways unless butting onto carpet or tiles

For more information about Elastilon, please visit www.floorworx.co.za or call Steven Suntups on 082 821 9899.

*Elastilon is a registered trademark.

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