World-leading sintered stone manufacturer, Neolith, has a revolutionary new product that is set to become the material of choice for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators. Their most recent product range – known as the ESSENTIALS Series, is now available in South Africa.

Two of the new models (Metropolitan and Sofia Cuprum 2021) are formulated with up to 90% recycled material. The new series ESSENTIALS (4 models) features innovative technology NeolEAT Technology that prevents the proliferation of bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella, which is essential in people’s lives in view of the pandemic.

“People worldwide have gained a new understanding for what really matters: Health, safety and environmental awareness have become key in everyone’s day-to-day lives. The current situation of our planet has made society more committed to the environment and concerned about exposure to biological agents such as bacteria, all while developing a special sensitivity towards well-being, pureness and beauty. It’s a shift in paradigm when the materials we choose for our daily lives have become essential to living better,” says José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith®.


Inspired by limestone, first two new models in the ESSENTIALS series have been designed to bring an atmosphere of peace and quiet to any residential and commercial space.

Inspired by the Chinese natural area Shilin Karst (the “Stone Forest”), Shilin has a light background and fine, granular detail with a special texture that further enhances its natural qualities – much like limestone.

WULONG: elegant neutrality
As a spiritual brother to Shilin, Wulong has a slightly darker surface with grey tones and granular detailing and was inspired by one of China’s unique geological formations: the Wulong Karst.


Neolith® ESSENTIALS also reflects another of the latest trends in residential and commercial architecture and interior design – industrial minimalism. The new essential in decoration is all about moderation and functionality and the idea that “less is more”, doing away with excess.

The new Metropolitan and Sofia Cuprum 2021 models form Neolith’s® response to this trend and feature metallic tones to add character as well as a very urbanite air to contemporary architecture. With its touch of distinction, it is a simple way to add personality to countertops, walls, flooring, furniture and ventilated facades through worn and contrasted effects.

This new model stands out because of its Steel Touch finish, which combines a metallic reflection and a steel-like effect to the characteristics inherent to Neolith’s Sintered Stone such as absolute scratch resistance. It can also be used for all sorts of interior and exterior applications as well as on furniture and countertops, given that it is available in a variety of thicknesses.

The Sofia Cuprum model is evolving towards the future with the all-new metal that inspires this surface. The metal was first realised back to the early 2000s when famous French architect Jean Nouvel designed the new building that would house the extended area of the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid.

Now with full body decoration, this model reflects the highest level of detailing to offer the same colour as the model on the surface as well as on the edges. Thus, it is perfect for all sorts of interior and exterior, countertop and furniture cladding applications.

This pioneering material can be specified for the most demanding interior and exterior building projects. Combining high-definition detailed decoration with high-performance qualities, Neolith® offers the triple reassurance of strength, beauty and longevity.

Neolith® is available at various locations in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town with a proprietary storage facility located at 26 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland.

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