10 Carpet couture trends

by Madelein
10 Carpet couture trends

After visiting NeoCon – the largest commercial design and construction show in the world – in Chicago in June last year, Frank Moffat, CEO of Belgotex Floors is confident that the company is on par with international carpet manufacturers and trends.

“Belgotex is poised to compete on a global scale, not only in terms of styling, but also in the latest in design, material and manufacturing technology.”

Their R100 million new tufting equipment acquisition has expanded their product portfolio to include tufted patterned products, customisation and exciting new plank variants – three big trends in carpeting today.

FLOORS in Africa takes a look at the latest trends in carpet design, materials and craftsmanship from Belgotex Floors.

1.    Texture: Plush Luxury and Natural Tones & Textures
“Plush luxury, and natural tones and textures, are two mega-trends dominating the residential scene,” says Edward Colle of Belgotex Floors.

“Natural materials and textures such as sisal, coir and jute, or their synthetic counterparts, are gaining popularity. Simultaneously, soft, sumptuous surfaces in delicate soft fibres are almost the counter-trend,” he explains.

The chunky cords, berbers and luxurious cut-piles of Belgotex’s extensive new Lifestyle Collection speak directly to these trends (See Cobble Ridge, Country Living, Portrait or Timeless for texture, and Elegance or Heather Twist for soft luxury).

2.    Patterned floors
“On the commercial front, patterned luxury carpets and textured tufted tiles are big news. We’re seeing many broadloom carpets with bold, bright patterns in hospitality areas (thanks to the colour and pattern definition of our Tuftweave equipment) and more textured carpet tiles with subtle patterns in accent colours being used in corporate installations,” observed Edward.

“Our tufting technology gives customers unlimited design potential,” explains CEO, Frank Moffat.

“They can either select a patterned carpet from one of our standard stock ranges like Mod Design or Touch Design, or create their own tailor-made carpet using our Tuftweave programme,” he concludes.

Precise colour placement and manipulation of construction produces detailed patterns and textures. Colour is specifically placed instead of hidden, allowing for more intricate patterns or designs.

3.    Geometrics and Graphics
Bold geometrics, graphics and fashionable patterns such as Mod Design‘s six standard stock ranges remain popular in many corporate interiors. Striking patterns and effects can be achieved through clever manipulation of designs, construction and texture, colour blocking and lay direction.

4.    Organic, natural designs
There’s a move towards more natural, organic designs that flow for broadloom patterned carpets in executive boardroom or hospitality installations. The Forces collection – Natural Bark, Earth Rock and Torrential Rain – from Belgotex utilises the latest production technique of tufted colour placement to produce patterns that mimic Mother Nature’s organic beauty.

5.    Faded Antique/vintage
“Vintage or antique faded designs” in luxurious cut-pile constructions that harken back to ornate Persians without the bright colours or strong contrasts are also gaining popularity. Touch Design’s Abstract range is an example.

6.    Marble carpets
Several international manufacturers are offering a “smudgy marble look without the veins” that resembles raw concrete such as Touch Design’s Chaos, creating an unexpected soft surface that mimics a hard floor

7.    Customised carpets
Bespoke luxury cut-pile carpets with tailor-made designs are becoming increasingly popular. Belgotex’s Tuftweave technology produces signature creations of any design desired.

8.    Mix ‘n Match Installations
Different sized planks, tiles, even different shapes or colours are being dropped into the floor to create more interesting, edgy foundations.  Odd sized coupling increases design flexibility.

9.    Carpet planks
Large, oversized carpet ‘planks’, traditional squares, and mixed size combinations are being used for uninterrupted flow or patterning purposes.

Belgotex Floors’ recently launched 120 x 30cm Plank Collection can be used for frequent pattern repeats, producing striking decorative effects including chevron, herringbone and basketweave.

“If it comes in a box – either as modular carpets or luxury vinyl tiles – patterns can be created,” explains Edward.

National sales manager, Greg Barry agrees, adding that Belgotex can offer customised pattern broadloom carpets too.

“Different size carpet tiles, tufted cut pile tiles and customised patterns are all the rage in the commercial carpet sector,” he commented.

“We’re seeing creative designs ranging from monochromatic schemes in pixelated tones to fade-in/fade-out shading, bright colour highlights and intricate patterns.”

10.    Haute Hues
On the colour front, neon brights and bolds are giving way to more dirty, pastel shades, and patterned floors are huge,” added Edward.

“Colour is also being used to dramatic effect, either as an accent or to create visual barriers to demarcate different areas within an open plan design,” explains Greg.

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotexfloors.co.za.

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