1 Step cleaning solution that cleans and cares

by Ofentse Sefolo
1 Step cleaning solution that cleans and cares

Commercial cleaning equipment requires the right detergents and solutions. To complement its range of cleaning machines, Numatic has introduced NuTab, a unique cleaning tablet that has been created to facilitate convenient, efficient and simplistic use of the professional cleaner.

NuTab is be used in conjunction with the TwinTec Automatic Scrubber Range. It dissolves within 10 minutes and it is hard water compatible as well as anti-static and dirt repellent. The major benefit of investing in this cleaning tablet is that it will promote more cost effective, improved and proficient floor care and maintenance.

The tablet is added to the scrubber’s reservoir, which takes 20 litres of water. This solution is ideal for cleaning alkali and water resistant hard floors such as:
• Linoleum
• Rubber
• Natural and synthetic stone
• Plastic and industrial hard floor surfaces
NuTab is ideal for use in production and storage areas, workshops, supermarkets, shopping centres and large public areas. If you need a cleaning solution that cleans and cares in one step, consider NuTab.

For more information, contact Numatic on +27 (86) 168 284 or via www.numatic.co.za.

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