Experts predict that over the next decade up to a third of today’s jobs will be handed over to artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other digital developments. Not only do robots and technological innovations work at a greater speed and with greater accuracy, they are often more cost effective than human labour.

There are ways that you can work to make sure that you aren’t impacted, either because your job falls outside the affected sphere or because you are able to reskill and move into new areas of work if your sphere of work is impacted. Tomorrow Today Global uses the TALENT acronym to define six characteristics that high performing individuals in the new world of work will have. By focusing on these six areas, you will have a lesser chance of losing your job and becoming unemployable.

T – Thriving in difference and diversity
While robotics and artificial intelligence thrive when completing competitive tasks, they won’t necessarily be as successful when faced with diverse and complex tasks in terms of inter-human engagement. It is easy to be unseated from your job if you are in a formulaic and repetitive position.

A – Adaptability
When situations are very adaptable, then experience comes into play because ‘gut feel’, wisdom and intuition are required to make the right decisions. This is one area where humans will supersede technology for the longest amount of time.

L – Lifelong learning
Technology is always improving and is updated with the latest, most relevant information instantaneously. You will become redundant if you aren’t able to keep learning, improving your skills and fine-tuning the value you are able to offer an organisation.

E – Experiment (and are okay with failing)
Sometimes experiments fail, but high-performing individuals are willing to take risks and try new things. By learning from your failures, you are able to pursue lifelong success.

N – Networked
Everyone is familiar with how connected we’ve all become thanks to social media, but the new world will require you to unlock value from these connections as well.

T – Temporary
Everything changes and nothing lasts forever. Don’t cling to the old way of doing things as this will increase your risk of being taken down as the tide of technology rises. Live with a light touch and be prepared to move quickly.

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