South African flooring company, FloorworX, partnered with EarthWerks* to bring three versatile EarthWerks ranges to the local market. The team at FloorworX recognised that excellent style, service and trusted availability is exactly what local designers and specifiers need when it comes to specifying hard-wearing and durable luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs).

The three EarthWerks ranges available from Floorworx are the Tempo, Highlander and Opera 800 and they all boast “the toughest coating ever: Tuff Shield*”. Tuff Shield sets these EarthWerks ranges apart from other luxury vinyl plank (LVP) products for a number of reasons. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to reap the rewards of this coating as EarthWerks Tempo, Highlander and Opera 800 offer a combined range of 22 wood designs.

To understand what makes Tuff Shield a must-have coating, one must first understand the manufacturing process behind the solution.

How stable, thick and balanced LVTs are manufactured

The correct mix of ingredients and maintaining a precise thickness for each layer is essential for a stable and balanced product. The different thickness of Wear Layer along with the coating require a proper match of base layers. Having the right balance between these parts solidifies the structural integrity of the final product. Each EarthWerks Luxury Vinyl Plank consists of the following elements:

PVC and fibreglass foundations
The Foundation consists of base layers of PVC that create the structural range of the plank, and differ based on the overall thickness. The Balancing Layer is the bottom layer of PVC and contains a higher content of PVC resin and/or plasticiser to balance the product with the top layer (Wear Layer) and the multiple base layers. Fibreglass is added between the layers of PVC to promote dimensional stability.

Performance/Wear Layer
The Wear Layer is what we see and touch once the product is installed, and it is measured in millimetres. Superior Wear Layers are critical for performance and for allowing the design layer to come to life. The Tuff Shield Wear Layers offer consistent clarity and thickness, vibrant strength, ultimate wear and moisture resistance.

The coating
Tuff Shield is the double coating method (Wear Layer and UV Cured Layer) which adds strength to the urethane protection by improving it with the addition of aluminium oxide powder. The aluminium oxide crystals are suspended in the urethane, which is applied on top of the LVP Wear Layer. This method provides additional resistance to normal wear.

EarthWerks Luxury Vinyl Planks are highly resilient, waterproof, easy to maintain, durable, hygienic, as well as child and pet friendly. Through FloorworX, EarthWerks offers designs which are inspired by nature, with attention to detail, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty for the South African market.

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*EarthWerks and Tuff Shield are registered trademarks