With more than 50 years’ experience in the local and international flooring industry, Denver Coleman, Chairman of Polyflor SA, answers questions posed by installers, architects and readers. In this issue, he discusses why people should even consider vinyl.

“There are a lot of different flooring systems on the market. I’m able to find anything I’m looking for in virtually any type of flooring. Why should I advise a client to opt for vinyl?” – Drika Woods, Nelspruit

Whether you’re an architect, designer, a contractor or the end client, you’re being entrusted with the responsibility of finding the right flooring solution for a project, within a certain budget. You therefore need to make sure the floor will meet expectation in terms of design, lifespan and very importantly functionality.

Vinyl affords a wide range of functional benefits which few floor coverings can match. It is the most hygienic floor covering on the market and the impervious surface ensures no bacteria can collect or penetrate the surface, making it an obvious choice for healthcare facilities and areas where hygiene is critical. There are specialised ranges within the vinyl flooring category with unprecedented global specifications on slip resistance, acoustics and electro static dissipation, as well as a large range of loose lay products, tiles or sheeting to suit your specific need. Vinyl is so comfortable underfoot, significantly reduces slips, trips and falls, a natural thermal insulator, flame retardant, self-extinguishing and slow to burn which also makes it a safe choice.

Vinyl offers an excellent cost vs performance ratio, with the initial costs of installation being offset by the product’s durability and long lifespan.

Environmentally friendly
Vinyl flooring has many eco-conscious benefits that reduces its impact on the environment:
• Low use of water and chemicals in cleaning and maintenance regime
• Lower use of energy during manufacturing than other products
• Lower carbon footprint than most other products
• Excellent energy efficient ratings
• Excellent BRE ratings
• Minimal off gassing – very low VOC emissions ensuring best indoor air quality
• 100% recyclable
• EPD Certified

Vinyl flooring can be used in so many different applications. The extensive range, colours and finishes available today affords complete creative design freedom and the ability to use your floor to make a statement. A vinyl floor covering can be so much more than just a floor.

Although a vinyl installation requires a very specific preparation and installation technique, the benefits far outweigh the time and cost. Being hygienic, hardwearing, water-resistant, comfortable, easy to clean and aesthetically beautiful, vinyl is most often the product of choice for today’s healthcare, education, retail, commercial and hospitality facilities.

Specify vinyl today with confidence.

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