Weightwatchers for your roof

by Ofentse Sefolo
Weightwatchers for your roof

The way we build in South Africa, is largely due to how a building copes with the burden of an extremely heavy roof. Traditional weighty roofing materials such as concrete, slate and clay tiles dictate considerable capacity in foundations, pillars, beams and roof structures, simply to cope with the load of the roof.

Harvey EcoTile® changes all this with a lightweight mineral composite roof tile that weighs only 1,35kg, one third of a comparable concrete tile, which typically weighs 4,5kg. These newly engineered tiles have several benefits and can positively affect the design in numerous ways.

• Roof structure
Compared to other heavy roof tiles, a roof structure designed for lightweight Harvey EcoTile requires considerably less timber, with resultant cost savings.

• Foundations
Saving weight on both the roof covering and structure reduces the burden on foundations. The building can be designed from the ground up with a new perspective.

• Transportation and wastage costs
Weight equals transportation cost. Imagine the ability to transport three times the quantity of material to a site. With the resultant savings on trips, fuel and handling, a Harvey EcoTile roof adds value and savings to every build’s logistics and saves on breakages as it is virtually indestructible.

• Water/mass benefit
High water absorption culminates in added mass to the entire structure. Concrete roof tiles can absorb between 6% to 10% of their mass in water. Thus, per square metre weight added for a concrete tile of 4,5kg (6% absorption) equals 2,83kg or litre/m². In comparison, the water absorption of Harvey EcoTile is less than 0,36%, which translates to a maximum of 0,05kg/m².

• Lightweight design, heavyweight strength
Being a lightweight product does not compromise Harvey EcoTile’s strength credentials. The secret lies in the material composition and design of its fixing methodology, which results in a roof being a single impregnable unit.

Harvey EcoTile® is trademark registered and patent pending.

For more information on this innovative product, contact Albie Jordaan from Harvey Roofing Products:
Tel: +27 11 741 5600
E-mail: albie.jordaan@macroofing.co.za
Website: https://harveyroofingproducts.co.za/

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