PIVOT Space Design Solutions opted for a flexible walling solution to create a collaborative office space.


When PIVOT Space Design Solutions designed their own office of approximately 450m², the aim was to create a flexible environment that inspired collaborative efforts from their work force. The challenge lay in creating an office space that promotes interaction and teamwork between co-workers, since, in their experience, conventional physical office structures, including standard shop fitting and dry-walling, are often constricting.

Intentional space
They wanted the flexibility of being able to increase, as well as decrease their walling solutions as and when necessary to suit the desired task, and not be limited by any fixed structure. They needed areas where staff can share ideas, get inputs and build knowledge. Whether that translated into a traditional conference room, a smaller huddle room or simply a space for informal conversation, PIVOT Space Design Solutions was adamant that instead of a fixed dry-wall solution, they needed a solution so flexible that they did not have to move the internal fittings such as desks, but rather move the walls.

This is why they chose to work with Able Walling Solutions, who were able to supply a flexible and affordable solution for creating the desired space.

Able’s movable walling solutions are fully adaptable to any building configuration and architectural condition, and are completely reusable. Therefore, as time goes by and PIVOT’s internal office needs change, the space can easily be reconfigured using the existing walls, offering them the adaptability to maximise the space without expensive renovations.

Usable surfaces
Another requirement was that the walls needed to offer more than just a divide between spaces. In addition to creating a collaborative space in which staff could brainstorm and share ideas, PIVOT deemed it essential to incorporate the proper tools such as whiteboard and pin board walls to aid in the process and capture creative ideas as they occur.

The team at Able came up with a number of solutions to address this concern and ultimately, whiteboard and pin board walls formed part of the design throughout the office space. In addition to being incredibly practical to post ideas on, another benefit of the pin board walls is that they are made of polyurethane, cork and felt, with a high acoustical rating, which dramatically improved the overall acoustics in PIVOT’s office.
Get on board
Installation of the solution took only two days from the delivery of the walling panels to final installation and sign-off, something that could normally take three to four weeks to implement, which curbed the time contractors had to spend on site.

According to Able Walling Solutions, whether an organisation has promoted the team concept for some time or is just considering getting on the bandwagon, one thing is for certain, planning for and providing the right physical space is the essential starting point in creating the proper environment for collaborative activities.

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