Introducing new vinyl ranges and concurrently updating original ranges with the latest vinyl technology.

In line with international market trends, Belgotex Floorcoverings are expanding their local vinyl offering with the introduction of a new vinyl variety and upgrading their current Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) ranges with the latest vinyl technology.

“It is well documented that LVT is the fastest growing segment in the flooring market at present,” says Edward Colle, Executive Director at Belgotex Floorcoverings. “Not only is the growth phenomenal, but the rate of development is staggering. Our vision has always been to be first to market with the latest innovations, and once again, we’re proud to introduce a brand new vinyl variety to the local flooring industry.”

A new vinyl category: Loose-lay pressure-sensitive adhesive planks
Introducing a new pressure-sensitive adhesive loose-lay vinyl that extends the vinyl flooring category beyond traditional cushioned vinyl and LVT’s.

New Nottingham from Belgotex Vinyl is a third generation vinyl variety with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that can be laid and reapplied multiple times.

Offering a new installation method for unparalleled design versatility and stability, Nottingham is a loose-lay vinyl range with a tacky backing called TacBac that bonds to a prepared surface without the usual glues or tongue-and-groove click systems. Simply roll over the vinyl with a 67kg steel roller to activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive to secure the tiles in place. Lift, shuffle and reapply the tiles again to create a new pattern or design. Installation and redecorating has never been easier!

“TacBac is revolutionary in many ways; because it addresses the known issues we have with dry-back and click products. Dry-back installations can go wrong quickly if the installation guidelines are not adhered to, and installing click LVT is not as easy as it is perceived. TacBac is incredibly quick to install because there is no flash off time and no worrying about click mechanisms.”

Nottingham is a 4mm thick vinyl plank with a 0.55mm wear-layer which “will be priced at about 10% more than Belgotex’s residential click range”, making it ideal for commercial installations such as rental properties or tenanted buildings. Available in eight popular wooden shades, Nottingham is completely water resistant and can be completely submerged in water and simply dried to restore its’ adhesive properties.

The backing is made with nylon fibre that absorbs moisture which activates the adhesive so it never dries out, allowing TacBac to maintain its tackiness. Independent tests done by the SABS prove that TacBac is 70% more dimensionally stable than other click LVT’s. The tacky backing also allows tiles to be laid and later shifted into new positions for a completely new design.

The new Nottingham range from Belgotex Vinyl offers complete design flexibility enabling users to lift and reapply tiles multiple times in a multitude of ways. Unrestricted by usual directional installation limitations or tongue-and-groove restrictions dictated by male-female joints, designers can mix ‘n match colours and lay directions to create new patterns or designs previously not possible with alternative varieties – herringbone or basketweave, tonal shaded floors or graphic shapes … the possibilities are endless!

Upgraded LVT Ranges
Introducing four new upgraded LVT ranges with superior wear characteristics from Belgotex Vinyl.
Belgotex Vinyl have launched two new click-system and two new stick-down LVT ranges with up to 50% thicker wear layers, as well as fibre glass scrims to assist with additional stability.

All four new ranges offer increased durability and performance in eight popular timber shades per range and will replace the current LVT varietals on offer from Belgotex Vinyl.
New Oakland and Arlington are the latest click-system luxury vinyl ranges to be introduced by Belgotex Vinyl with wear layer of 0.3mm and 0.55mm respectively. Both new varieties include a fibre glass scrim which will assist with stability and will replace the Seneca and Fairmount ranges, which are currently being phased out.

Hartsfield, the successful commercial stick-down variety will be replaced by a new glue-down LVT range called Davenport, which has 10% more wear layer making it ideal for heavy traffic areas. The ever popular Providence will be replaced by Charleston, which will boast a 0,3mm wear layer, providing superior scuff- and scratch-resistance.

Please check stock availability on the discontinued ranges when specifying or quoting on long-term projects.

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