More than 7 000m² of Polyflor vinyl floorcovering has been installed in the brand-new Brits Hospital which is expected to open its doors to the public in the near future. After 2½ years of construction, the new 215-bed district hospital is almost ready to welcome its first patients.

According to architect and principal agent Jos Vancraybex, this much-needed and state-of-the-art hospital, which is situated on the corner of Hendrik Verwoerd and Carl de Wet streets in the heart of Brits in the North West Province, will replace the old 60-bed facility.

“Modern healthcare design is about creating homely, relaxed environments for patients, staff and visitors. The choice of floorcovering can have a major impact on the ‘feel’ of a hospital and there is research that claims floors can even aid in the healing process. Therefore it stands to reason that flooring was a major factor of our design concept for the Brits Hospital project,” Vancraybex says.

However, he stresses that even more important than a floor’s aesthetics is its ability to perform and meet tough criteria such as durability, hygiene and easy maintenance and, in certain specialised areas, anti-static properties and slip resistance are important.

“We chose Polyflor’s vinyl floor range because they were able to offer a wide variety of performance characteristics suited to different healthcare environments,” he says.

7 620m² of Polyflor’s Pearlazzo PUR, Forest FX PUR and Expona was used in general wards, reception and admin areas. 620m² of Polyflor’s electrostatic dissipative (ESD) sheeting was also installed in the hospital’s operating theatres, recovery rooms, high-care areas and ICUs.

“We also value the expert input and advice given by Elize Ackerman of Polyflor in finding the right solution for each area. With Charles Davids, Polyflor’s technical manager, on hand to ensure a smooth and successful installation, we knew we were in good hands.”

“Static accumulates on our bodies and in the environment around us. It is caused by friction, especially in high-altitude, hot and dry conditions. While a static charge may give a person only a small shock and be uncomfortable, it is highly detrimental to equipment which could be very costly to replace. ESD flooring dissipates static, therefore ensuring it does not accumulate,” explains Polyflor’s SA Marketing Director, Tandy Coleman-Spolander.

Polyflor SA also provided the solution for protecting the walls from being damaged by beds, trolleys, etc. which are constantly moved around the hospital. A Gradus bump rail system – which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing – was fitted in the hospital.

The newly completed, 4-storey hospital will house various facilities as per the norms and standards for district hospitals in South Africa. These services include trauma and emergency, OPD, theatre, pharmacy, maternity services, clinical support like physiotherapy, psychology, dental services, radiology, HIV/ART services and a mortuary. Support services will include kitchen services, laundry, cleaning, transport, maintenance, and admissions.

“The new 23 930m² hospital will be in a position to offer comprehensive medical care to the growing population in the area, once all the infrastructure such as furniture and human resources are in place. We are proud of the materials specified and believe that a positive contribution to patient care is achieved in the new Brits Hospital,” concludes Vancraybex.