Using the right equipment to prepare a floor surface

by Ofentse Sefolo
Using the right equipment to prepare a floor surface

Surface preparation is the removal of the existing floor coating and cleaning the structure to the original substrate. Whether you are upgrading an existing floor or installing a new one, problems may arise if one doesn’t invest in proper surface preparation.

According to Darryl Gray, Director of Diamond Products, the surface must be prepped using floor grinding equipment and suitable diamond tools to strip the floor back to its original profile before receiving the next step in the process.

“Any floor surface will crack or delaminate if not prepared properly. When replacing any flooring system, ensuring that the substrate surface is clean, smooth and not full of cracks is vital,” says Daryl.

To avoid the potential pitfalls of an unprepped floor, it is crucial to invest in the correct equipment and sufficient training for operators to ensure the floor surface is 100% before moving on to the next step.

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