Under surface waterproofing for bathrooms and balconies

by Ofentse Sefolo
Under surface waterproofing for bathrooms and balconies

Traditionally, cementitious products are used under tiles, vinyl, parquet, AstroTurf and other types of flooring. However, these systems are not only labour intensive, they are also relatively inflexible. Under surface waterproofing in wet rooms such as bathrooms and balconies often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, even though it plays a major part in protecting the concrete of the flooring.

Liquid polyurethane (PU) has become a game changer in waterproofing wet areas. A cost-effective solution is the Hypredesmo SWR, a single component liquid membrane with very high elongation properties. This waterproofing product has been specifically designed to satisfy the needs of demanding applications in several climatic zones. It has high chemical resistance and a very low water absorption rate, making it ideal for these spaces.

The elongation properties have been increased to a remarkable +-900% and the water absorption rates has been reduced to an impressive level of <1%. Thanks to its very low solvent content (it is almost 98% solid), it has a very low VOC and can be applied with ease in small spaces.

The product is applied according to a technical data sheet by an approved applicator. A recent successful application was undertaken at Ebotse Golf & Estate in Benoni.

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