Transform your interior to a new level of luxury

by Madelein
Transform your interior to a new level of luxury

Main image: Amari D-Stona Statuario

D-Stona is a revolutionary product engineered to transform a building’s interiors to a new level of luxury. It is a high-quality engineered marble with limestone as major component.

Quality at the forefront

D-Stona is available from Amari Trading in flat sheets or beautiful mouldings in various marble and wooden textures. With its diverse range, D-Stona is sure to add a whole new dimension to interior decor. It can be applied on pillars, room walls, fireplaces, ceilings, storage units and tables.

Pressure on natural resources

With an increased demand for natural resources, environmental degrading is sped up. Cutting trees for wood harms the environment and marble mining causes deforestation.

Divert to eco-friendly products

D-Stona can replace these materials and can even prove to be better in various aspects, helping to saving nature and take a building’s interiors to the next level of luxury.

Advantages include:

  • Wide range of designs.
  • Easy and quick installations.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Available in matt, gloss and textured finishes.
  • Recyclable
  • 100% in-house process.
  • Fire, water and termite proof.
  • Durable.

Click here to view a video of the installation process: https://youtu.be/Ns9V9cSVISM

For more information, contact Amari Trading:
Tel: +27 11 314 3237
Email: info-amari@amaritrading.co.za
Website: www.amaritrading.co.za

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