Dulux is having another good year with its third win in the annual TGI Icon Brand™ Survey; securing the top spot in the household goods category as well as achieving its consecutive Icon Brand™ status.


Dulux, a brand from the leading international paint company AkzoNobel, is having yet another good year with its third win in the annual 2013/14 TGI Icon Brand™ Survey.

Not only did Dulux secure the top spot in the household goods category, but it was also placed in the top ten of South Africa’s Icon Brand™ for the year. They have moved up two positions in the top brands category since last year.

“Our positioning in the TGI Icon Brand™ Survey proves to us that we’ve listened to what our customers have to say, and we are continuing to deliver quality products and colour inspiration to suit their needs. Furthermore, it is with this kind of support that consumers are helping us to give back to communities around us, as part of our mission to add colour to people’s lives,” says Dulux’s Bennum van Jaarsveld.

The survey
The TGI Icon Brand™ Survey, independent research by TGI SA™ invited 15 000 participants to vote on brands which are used by South Africans across age, income, race and language spectrums.

A total of 9 industries, hundreds of product categories and thousands of brands were included in the measurement. In the end 30 Icon Brands™ and 165 category winners were named – with Dulux 2013/14 performance coming out tops.

In short, TGI SA™ measures affinity to, as well as the usage of a brand. In this case, it goes without saying that more South Africans trust Dulux when it comes to colour inspiration and protecting their homes.

Next time you’re in the store, make sure you select the brand that is used and loved by South Africans. Let’s colour with Dulux, a brand from AkzoNobel.

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