The Rheinzink cladding on the stepped facade of Central Square at Menlyn Maine will last for the lifetime of the building, while natural weathering will create an aesthetic patina.

Building for sustainability continues to make rapid advances in South Africa, with Central Square at Menlyn Maine being one of the latest green building milestones to have opened its doors.

Dubbed the country’s first green city precinct, the R1,8 billion urban lifestyle centre is the first retail development to receive a Green Star SA custom mixed-use rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa. This rating is in line with the City of Tshwane’s sustainability benchmarks as a partner of the Clinton Climate Initiative and as one of 16 green cities being built in various countries, and the only one in Africa.

Distinctive architecture
Aptly matching its exclusive boutique-styled shopping and leisure experience, the overall architecture of Central Square has been described as contemporary and timeless, and also unique in appearance, shape and form.

The building features a stepped facade and materials were selected to contribute both to the sustainability and the distinctive appearance of the building, according to lead architect, Greg Reid of Boogertman + Partners Architects.

The materials, from limestone and granite to distinctive bricks and Rheinzink zinc alloy cladding in graphite grey, will naturally age with the building and add to its character. In addition, Reid points out that these choices are functional and avoid the need for intensive maintenance every five years, which may result from the use of in vogue alternatives.

Timeless cladding for stepped facade Rheinzink2

Zinc alloy cladding
“This is particularly true of Rheinzink prePatina, which was chosen for the cladding at Central Square. The aesthetic patina created by natural weathering will protect the material for generations,” says Reid.

As an innovative contemporary building material known for quality, durability and lasting value, Rheinzink requires little energy in production and is 100% recyclable, meeting today’s essential design considerations for sustainability and low energy use.  

Stephen Wilkinson, Rheinzink’s sub-Saharan Africa regional director, further points out that Rheinzink carries top German and European quality certificates and the environment certificate AUB based on lifecycle analysis (LCA), as well as cradle-to-cradle certification, which is offered by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency in co-operation with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute of San Francisco. The agency’s task is to improve the quality and usefulness of materials, products and services to make a positive impact through eco-effective design.

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Caption: The stepped facade of Central Square at Menlyn Maine is clad with Rheinzink prePatina zinc alloy in graphite grey.
Caption: Rheinzink requires little energy in production, is 100% recyclable, and is  known for quality, durability and lasting value.