The right profiles to disguise the edge of tiles &expansion gaps

by Ofentse Sefolo
The right profiles to disguise the edge of tiles &expansion gaps

Many designers struggle to hide expansion gaps in wood and laminate flooring. Aluminium profiles can be used as covers for edge protection of tiles, carpets and vinyls in order to address this challenge.

Aluminium profiles can be anodised to a variety of colours with the right product being determined by the location of the project. If profiles are used externally or in coastal regions, for example, an anodised surface finish will make the profile resistant to oxidation when exposed to the elements as well as hardening the surface of aluminium profile, making it more scratch resistant and durable. Quality aluminium profiles are always recommended and thinner versions should be avoided as these might lead to failures.

M.Trim has a large variety of quality aluminium profiles. All profiles are anodised to 15 micron and have been designed to withstand pedestrian traffic. The company urges specifiers to specify the dimensions of the profiles they require because M.Trim has CAD drawings of their profiles readily available on request.

Aluminium profiles used to disguise the tile edge, carpet and vinyl protection include ASE, Aluminium Straight Edge of varying depths, ACP, Aluminium Corner Protectors of various sizes, ASQE, Aluminium Square Edges of varying depths, AQE, Aluminium Quadrant Edges of varying depths, among others. Other profiles include ramps, retrofit and tile-in, transition covers between different flooring heights and types, end covers to finish against walls, sliding doors and built-in cupboards, expansion covers between same level floors and listellos for aesthetics.

There are different widths and shadowline options, carpet profiles for stretch carpets as well as other aluminium profiles available in the range.

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