Polyurethane and silicone sealants or adhesives deliver significant adhesion, good movement capability and durability. However, these high-performance products have some limitations. Thanks to research and advancement in hybrid technology, Den Braven has developed a new range of high performance sealants and adhesives.

The new technology, silylated urethane-based hybrid adhesives, brings with it exceptional performance characteristics beyond those of conventional polyurethane sealants.

“The new breed of adhesives has increased chemical resistance as well as high and instant tack properties. Hybrid polymers have better weathering characteristics than conventional polyurethane sealants. These new generation hybrid sealants and adhesives provide better adhesion, abrasion resistance and low temperature extrudability,” says Michael Berg, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Den Braven.

Reducing our impact on the environment and producing sustainable materials is top of mind in the built environment today. Den Braven’s Hybrid product range has a very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, allowing for conformation to the South African Green Building Council Standards.

For more information, contact Den Braven on Tel: +27 (11) 792 3830 or via www.denbraven.co.za.