Sourced from all over the world, the latest mosaic and tile décor products from Douglas Jones are selected to mirror the taste of international interior design studios and architectural firms.

“In fact, Douglas Jones was established to service a need in the ceramic tile business for more mosaic and tile décor products. Our buying team travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, scouting for new, impressive and unique pieces to bring to the Southern African market,” says operations director, Kitty Douglas-Jones.

In addition, the company has a uniquely South African creative assembly department where a dedicated team concentrates on designing and creating bespoke patterns, fades and mixes according to specific client needs.

Ancient blends

“Douglas Jones has always focused on finding unique, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tiles, and will continue to import products that will inspire the construction industry to incorporate these products into each and every new build – be it commercial, industrial or residential,” Douglas-Jones adds.

Douglas Jones
Tel: 021 706 7251

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