Douglas Jones has launched its latest collection of mosaic and decorative tiles, inspired by global trends.

Douglas Jones has released its new catalogue with the latest mosaic and tile décor pieces, inspired by fashion from across the world.

Having travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Australia over the last year, scouting for impressive and unique mosaics and decorative tiles to bring to the Southern African market, the Douglas Jones team is committed to go the extra mile to keep abreast of trends around the world.

“We are proud to present the local market with what is definitely our most impressive catalogue thus far and we are confident that the products being imported into the Southern African market will be both unique and inspiring,” says marketing director, Kitty Douglas-Jones.

A 15-year track-record
The company was established in 2000 with a clear mission to service the apparent need in the ceramic tile industry for more mosaic, décor and tile accent products. Since then, it has imported innovative, fashionable and inspiring mosaic and decorative tile products that represent the preference of international interior design studios and architectural firms from around the world.

Adding a local touch
Creating entirely bespoke and uniquely South African designs, Douglas Jones’ creative assembly team is focused on bringing clients’ ideas to life. This Creative Assembly department creates any patterns, fades and mixes imagined by local clients, enabling personalised designs for any building.

The perfect fix
Mosaics are more prone to movement than normal tiles, so in order to ensure a seamless installation, the company has developed the Douglas Jones Mosaic-fix in conjunction with Weber-Tylon, an international manufacturer and supplier of quality adhesives.

Designed with anti-slip properties to absorb the additional movement of the sheets, this high-strength mosaic fix keeps installations perfectly in place. It is easy to mix, easy to apply and sets in just six hours. In addition, it boasts a low-dust formulation and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, both interior and exterior. The Douglas Jones Mosaic-fix is available in white and grey cement.

Aiming to inspire
“Douglas Jones will always strive to be the leaders of the mosaic industry and to continually import products that will inspire the construction industry to incorporate decorative tiles into each and every new build, be it commercial, industrial or residential,” Douglas-Jones adds.

To get a copy of the 2016 Douglas Jones catalogue, send an email to

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