When designing for the hospitality sector, it’s important to remember how travellers experience their explorations. Travel is a great teacher, but it isn’t just about discovering new places – it’s also about discovering new spaces. Creating exceptional spaces starts with choosing the right carpeting for your leisure facility.

Shift paradigms and inspire with luxury carpets
Pictures, abstract symbols, materials and colours are among the ingredients with which a designer works. To design is to discover relationships and to make arrangements and rearrangements among these ingredients. With Belgotex Floors there is a whole world waiting to be explored and discovered. Designers and architects can create interior spaces that can create a different perspective, shift the paradigm and inspire visitors.

Designers have the freedom to create customised patterned carpets, directly comparable with Axminster patterned carpets, with Tuftweave – a sophisticated pattern tufting technology that turns simple doodles, interesting fabric swatches or complex décor designs into amazing floor masterpieces, previously only achievable by weaving.

Make your spaces memorable
The best part of travel is the memorable experience that comes from being cared for and made to feel special. This experience begins the moment people enter a place. Ask yourself – how will this space make visitors feel?

Carpets provide sheer luxury and comfort underfoot with non-slip safety as well as sound and thermal insulating properties. Belgotex Floors offer a wide selection of hospitality carpet styles that incorporate stylish interior design with a quality fibre structure, and are created for heavy traffic areas and easy maintenance. Make your spaces memorable with luxury carpeting.

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