With a strong background in the manufacturing of both fabrics and wallcoverings, Dreamweaver Studios gives some tips for specification:
How are wallcoverings made?
Most wallcoverings comprise three layers:
1.    The surface decorative layer is created using inks and patterns, and can include a coating to increase performance.
2.    Ranging in thickness, the middle layer serves as the surface upon which the decorative layer is applied and may be white or coloured.
3.    The backing layer goes directly onto the wall.

How do you judge durability?
The combinations or constructions of the various layers determine the correct application or end use:
•    Paper or natural wallcoverings are most appropriate for residential or low-traffic areas.
•    Non-wovens, made of a blend of wood pulp and polyester, are suitable for mid-traffic areas.
•    Vinyls with a non-woven backing are good for contract applications due to their high durability and ease of cleaning.
•    Vinyls with a fabric or scrim backing are good for very heavy traffic contract applications, due to very high durability and ease of cleaning.

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Dreamweaver Studios has just launched the first ever Missoni Wallcoverings range, a collection of vinyls with some iconic Missoni designs as well as textured plains. (Pictured above)