The owner of an industrial building, particularly a warehouse, needs two things never to trouble him – a leaking roof or a problematic concrete floor.

What distinguishes the concrete floor from the roof is the fact that concrete is the only “living” material used in the construction phase of the building. Get it wrong and you could buy a lifetime of potential misery.

In order to achieve a sound, durable concrete floor it is necessary to incorporate input from key players in the planning and construction phases.

So – who are Royal Consulting Services and where do they fit into this big picture as a key player?

Royal Consulting Services have been constructing concrete floors around South Africa for nearly 40 years, so they know a bit in their own right; add to this the partnership with the internationally recognised and respected CoGri Group Limited – who operate in Britain, Europe, the Middle and Far East and Australia – and they know a whole lot more.

They stay abreast of developments in equipment and techniques applied to concrete floor construction which ensures that they are able to offer their clients the very best end product to suit their particular needs.

In warehouse applications, particularly, the designer of the materials handling system needs to work in close collaboration with a consulting professional civil engineer and a specialist flooring contractor in order to generate a design and construction methodology that will deliver an end product to safely and efficiently accommodate the needs of the end user for many years to come.

In any field of endeavour one encounters good, bad and indifferent performers. To ascertain the experience of the parties involved on the floor design and construction side, materials handling consultants are usually in a good position to attest to the competence of consulting engineers and specialist contractors based on the experiences of their clients over significant periods of time.

Consulting civil engineers are not necessarily involved in concrete floor design and construction on a day-to-day basis. Given a thorough analysis of the prevailing geotechnical characteristics of the proposed site and the projected floor loading, the design of a concrete floor is actually a relatively straightforward process.

Engineers may not be familiar with specific details which can contribute to successful construction and therefore the complementary element to achieve success is the skill of a specialist flooring contractor and his ability to apply sound construction techniques to turn design into reality. These details will include an appropriate concrete mix, sensible joint layout, a high standard of surface finishing and effective curing.

Some consulting engineers and their clients are dazzled by esoteric floor construction methodologies which they fail to investigate thoroughly before specifying them. For example, “jointless” floors – which are more accurately “less jointed” floors – carry an expensive premium if they are to be constructed properly.

This does not imply there is anything wrong with a less jointed floor – rather that the additional cost should be offset against the in-service advantages that are anticipated before deciding to go this route.

Others dictate that a concrete floor cannot be constructed unless a laser screeder is used to place and strike off concrete. This seems to ignore the fact that a laser screeder is simply a labour-saving tool and its use is completely irrelevant if the concrete mix design is inappropriate, and certainly so with regard to the quality of finishing which is, after all, the real measure of flooring contractor expertise.

Royal offer their clients added value over and above appropriate construction methodology and the quality of their workmanship. Provided that they are given design responsibility, they guarantee to maintain the floor for 5 years following construction.

The Royal Consulting Services design guarantee is backed by Professional Indemnity insurance provided by partner CoGri Limited. The physical guarantee covers the remediation of any defective materials from Royal’s suppliers or workmanship on its part and joint sealant maintenance is included during the period.

The only exclusion is the repair of damage inflicted by the operations of the client or the occupant of the facility. Royal offer this same guarantee if, after they have conducted a design and detail review of the intended floor specification, their amendments are adopted.

A visit to the CoGri Group website will give you an idea of the comprehensive range of services available from Royal.

In advertorials to follow Royal Consulting Services will highlight commonly encountered problems affecting industrial concrete floors, their causes, and solutions to deal with them effectively.

Why not talk to them? Who knows? – perhaps they can help YOU!

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