Mapei South Africa supplied products and support services for the construction of the new 102 Rivonia Road office development.


The prestigious new 102 Rivonia Road commercial office development was completed in the heart of Gauteng’s economic hub, Sandton, earlier this year. The 14-storey office tower is married to an eight-storey block and the 98 800m² development is the headquarters of the multinational professional services firm EY (previously Ernst & Young).

Leading construction company, Murray & Roberts, teamed up with the technical sales team from Mapei South Africa in order to create a project that will achieve a 4-Star Green Star SA rating.

The exceptionally fast-track project incorporated fly ash into a sophisticated concrete mix formulation that provided a high ultimate strength of up to     80 MPa for the building’s structure, while contributing significantly to the sustainable development ambitions.

Mapei, renowned for its high-quality adhesives, sealants and other chemical products, supplied products and also provided support services that included product installation advice, dosing systems and on-site testing.

The construction of 102 Rivonia Road employed:
•    Dynamon Easy 31, the modified acrylic-based super-plasticiser for high water reduction and extra-long workability
•    Mapecure WF75, a biodegradable curing compound that fully degrades over 28 days
•    Mapeform ECO 61, a vegetable-based mould release agent.
•    Mapegrout T60, a repairing concrete
•    Planitop 100, a rapid-setting fine mortar
•    Plaintop 400, a repairing concrete
•    Planitop Rasa Ripara, a fibre-reinforced, quick-setting, cementitious mortar
•    Ultraplan Eco, a levelling and smoothing compound.

Murray & Roberts’ Group Concrete and Research Manager, Cyril Attwell, commenting on Mapei South Africa’s involvement in the project said:

“The Mapei range of products has allowed us to increase the green parameters of our project. Their technical assistance has accelerated our own green technologies of increasing the amount of waste material utilised at 102 Rivonia Road to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of the structure. Mapei’s welcome high level of technical service backup had not previously been experienced in South Africa.”

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