Safal Steel manufactures aluminium-zinc coated steel which is the modern alternative in unpainted and pre-painted steel roofing – produced under licence to BIEC International Inc.


The premium colour product COLORPLUS has been carefully developed to endure South Africa’s harshest climates, ensuring your project will have a considerable increase in service life, superior thermal protection, added aesthetic value, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly credentials.

The backbone of the paint system has been developed over many years of research through Safal’s paint partners. The focus was to have a well-balanced paint system catering for the various demands of a coating.

Extensive laboratory tests as well as real-time exterior exposures in the harshest South African climates proved that this coating system excelled in the relevant fields to obtain a balance between cost and quality, UV resistance and corrosion resistance, hardness and flexibility, but it does not end there as technology enhancement and improvement continue between Safal Steel and its paint partners.

COLORPLUS is the modern alternative in pre-painted steel roofing, and is an appealing option for all types of building applications, whether it is a domestic, commercial or even an industrial project.

Many concerns regarding the longevity of COLORPLUS have been addressed – chalking resistance and gloss retention go hand in hand. Chalking occurs when the resin component of the coating starts to deteriorate. The technology used for this coating system is of the latest design and limits chalking.

One of the greatest challenges facing industry professionals today is the issue of colourfastness. As a result of in-depth research and development, the pigments used in this coating system have been carefully selected to avoid rapid colour change and remain fresh in appearance for many years.

Resistance to dirt retention is becoming more of a concern with the increase in windborne contaminants and dust particles. The advances in pre-painted coating technology today mean that these modified polyesters have the inherent ability to resist dirt or contaminant retention, ensuring your building stays cleaner for longer.

Can colour affect the thermal efficiency of your building?
On a substrate of ZincAL the addition of aluminium in the metal coating offers far better thermal attributes compared to galvanised steel or even clay tile roofs. Additional colour not only offers aesthetic appeal, but it also increases the solar reflectance of the building envelope.

Tests have proven that, based on the colour spectrum, light colours do offer a higher reflectance compared to darker colours. The table below offers information on the total Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of three of the popular colours in the  COLORPLUS palette.

                                                 Total solar reflectance              Thermal emittance         Solar Reflectance Index       Gloss %
Seaspray                                      65%                                          0,85                                  78                                           40
Rainforest                                     30%                                          0,83                                  29                                           40
Thunderstorm                               17%                                          0,86                                  14                                           41

Safal’s confidence in its products is reinforced through its warranties. For more information on the different warranties, contact them directly. 
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