The demand for concrete overlays is rapidly increasing, raising the question, Why?

Despite a sluggish economy, the South African flooring industry continues to grow from strength to strength, with a notable increase in demand for cement-based overlays and polished concrete floors across residential and commercial sectors.

This increase in demand, notes Darryl Gray, Director at Diamond Products, is due to the fact that concrete flooring is more cost-effective to lay and maintain, and it also boasts increased durability and strength. Another benefit is that it doesn’t harbour dust or allergens.

Concrete floors are also stain- and slip-resistant once sealed, and can achieve a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing polished finish, regardless of the age of the surface.

In a highly competitive and economically challenging market, Darryl indicates that suppliers must be familiar with the types of products and solutions available, and what each of their applications are, in order to best support their customers. “Suppliers must properly train their customers on how to effectively use the equipment, tools and consumables that they sell,” he stresses.

Excellent workmanship and the correct equipment are vital for achieving optimal results. “We effectively use our resources to provide practical and sound advice for our customers, and have direct access to products, trends, expertise and knowledge from global market leaders,” he says. “As a result, we have extensive experience in a number of polished concrete flooring projects, ranging from large vehicle showrooms and factory floors, to malls and residential developments.”

Darryl concludes by adding that demand for concrete flooring can be further increased if industry stakeholders engage more with the architectural industry, by better educating those at the source of development projects on the numerous benefits of this cost-effective and durable flooring option.

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