FloorworX’s Peta Smith gives women good advice when it comes to achieving success in a male dominated industry.

Before taking on the position of Architectural Sales Representative at FloorworX, Peta Smith worked as Specifying Manager at Marley Roofing for seven years. Having worked in the flooring industry for six years now, Peta explains that she is proud of her company, her colleagues, their exceptional service offering and unique product ranges.

She advises other women in the flooring industry to never shy away from working with other women. “Some of us have a wealth of knowledge and experience,” she emphasises. “I recommend that you meet with these specialists to ensure that you can offer your clients the latest and greatest technologies and solutions. We are here to assist you to make informed specifying decisions at all times.”

With regards to the different roles women and men play in business, Peta notes that relatively few women make it to the top tier of management or leadership, even though they have made significant progress in education equality and workplace participation. “I believe that men are able to break issues down into their relative parts and solve them, whereas women more easily understand the bigger picture without knowing all the smaller aspects of an issue,” she explains.

“Women are team players, persuasive, enjoy a challenge and they are often honest, hard workers. Men in turn are early adopters of technology, ask for what they want, will ‘wing’ it when in doubt and believe that who you know is more important than what you know. Every business needs a balance of both perspectives.”

When it comes to leadership roles, she goes on to say that women need to move away from the typical gender bias, step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different behaviours and build their self-confidence. “There will be setbacks that may reduce one’s self-confidence, but over time there’s nothing stopping a woman from gaining a reputation for leadership potential,” she concludes “I personally believe in this ‘can do’ approach and I also believe that it rubs off on my peers, both male and female.”