Substrate preparation is key to durable flooring

by Madelein
Substrate preparation is key to durable flooring

Whilst flooring has seen many changes over the past decade, professional substrate preparation remains crucial in all types of flooring installations.

“In these exciting times for the flooring industry, the quality and creativity of finishes we see are fantastic, but similarly to a house built on sand, if the foundations aren’t correct, then everything above is compromised. The same holds true for LVTs, wood, carpet and to some extent, tiling installations. If the substrate isn’t level, it will show in the end product at which point it is unfortunately too late to rectify,” says Chad Tosen , Soft Coverings Product Manager for Mapei.

Level substrates are a must

Mapei’s range of self-levellers can accommodate a multitude of different applications ideally suited to the varying demands of the different flooring installation types. A self-levelling layer in a residential environment doesn’t need to be as durable as what is typically required for commercial settings, such as shopping centres or office blocks.

Another key factor to consider when installing a self-levelling system is the depth of the imperfections to be levelled out. The most common levellers such as Mapei’s Ultraplan Eco and Eco 20 are able to accommodate up to 10mm thickness. Any requirements beyond should be addressed with a more technically advanced self-leveller such as Mapei’s Ultraplan Maxi, which can go up to 40mm in a single layer.

“Customers should always be aware that a self-levelling system is vital for perfectly finished floors. While skipping this vital step may reduce initial costs, the risk of an uneven floor increases exponentially if this step is not followed. Any reputable flooring contractor or applicator worth their salt would insist on it,” concludes Chad.

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